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Where Will CRM Be A Year From Now?

Like any aspect of business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is constantly changing. The way we relate to clients and the tools we use are always developing. This means we're seeing massive changes from year to year. It's impossible to know for sure where CRM will be in a year's time, but we can make some

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5 Steps to Creating Content That Converts Website Visitors to Customers

Get More Email Marketing Hits and Tips Bombarding your potential customers with advertising is no longer the best way to grow your customer base. Research now tells us that inbound marketing is far more effective. This involves encouraging your customers to decide to come to you. Customers are far more likely to

  • biggest disasters in CRM

The 3 Biggest Disasters in CRM History

CRM can have huge benefits for a company's success. It can help to turn leads into sales, encourage repeat purchases and help with branding strategy. Many companies also find their CRM systems vital for dealing with customer complaints efficiently. However, to be effective CRM needs to be selected and implemented correctly. Poor use of CRM can lead

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Email Marketing: Using email marketing to build your customer base

Customers are king in the world of inbound marketing. It is vital to treat them well if you want to secure the greatest rewards and build your customer base. A key way of managing customer relationships is via databases of their email addresses. The kind of modern email marketing championed by Flowbird can deliver

  • Lead Nurturing with marketing automation

Take Your Business Further with Lead Nurturing

Without leads, there is nowhere for a business to go. All of our websites rely on the ability to attract customers and draw them into our sales funnel so that we can deliver them information and offers. In order to optimise these efforts there are a few things we need to consider. What happens after a customer