• lead generation

6 Signs You Need Help With B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is at the core of any business’s success in selling their products or services. You need to recruit a constant stream of interested, motivated customers who stand a good chance of purchasing your products. As any seasoned marketer will tell you, that can be quite a challenge. There are some telltale

  • crm will help improve your sales turnover

6 Ways CRM Will Help Improve Your Sales Turnover

As a B2B business director, you have to invest a lot in your efforts to continually improve your company's sales turnover. A key part of achieving this is by satisfying your customers. Satisfied customers trust companies to provide them with products and services that will help them run and excel at their businesses. In today’s

  • hobbies inbound marketing

Six Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Better At Inbound Marketing

In the digital age, focusing all your efforts on outbound marketing is no longer an option if you want to succeed. Endless phone calls, networking in conferences, cold coffee in boardroom meetings – who really has the time? These days, everyone has their own website. A well-maintained website should be more than enough to bring

  • b2b marketing expo

Visit Flowbird at the B2B Marketing Expo

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th March, 2016 we will be exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo. It’s a massive marketing event in London and we can’t wait to see lots of you there. What’s at the show? It’s going to be jam-packed full of exhibitors, speakers and masterclasses. Take your marketing skills to new

  • video blogging

How Video Blogging Can Help You Generate Leads

Video blogging has emerged as an innovative and exciting lead generation tool for promoting your business. It’s an easy and engaging way to inform people about exactly what it is that you do. There is nothing quite like communicating with your customers face to face.  A video blog (or vlog) will help you reach

  • benefits of inbound marketing

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

Many marketers are still clutching at straws in the dark. They are investing time and money in campaigns despite not knowing if they'll work. It's therefore unsurprising that many marketing campaigns fall far short of their aims. How can inbound marketing help? Before the internet, poorly thought through campaigns were a common occurrence. However, things

  • generating sales leads

Inspiration to Rekindle Your Love of Generating Sales Leads

Generating sales leads can be challenging at best. Firstly, you need to find out how to access the right types of customers. Then you need to work out how to sell your products to them. These steps are essential to any successful marketing strategy. But what do you do when your lead generation tactics appear to be

  • the anatomy of great marketing automation

The Anatomy of Great Marketing Automation

We all know that great marketing automation campaigns can deliver impressive results. Effective campaigns can reduce staff workload whilst targeting a wide range of customers. So what separates an average campaign from a truly great one? Here are some tips from marketing experts on the anatomy of great marketing automation and how to formulate a successful


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