• customer relationship management

The Best Kept Secrets in Customer Relationship Management

Every good business director knows how important customer relationship management is. It's all about focusing on customers’ wants, needs and experiences, and asking and answering difficult questions. Developing an understanding between yourself and your customers enables you to gain more customers, benefit from more word of mouth referrals, develop a better brand image and

  • silly lead generation mistakes

Don’t Make These Silly Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead generation is at the heart of business success. Even if you have an amazing product that will revolutionise your customers’ lives, it’s worth nothing without a regular income of new leads. Avoid these silly lead generation mistakes and make sure you let the world know about your company and products in the best

  • email marketing campaign

5 Steps to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Despite the rising influence of social media in sales, email marketing is just as relevant as ever. But in order to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, you should ensure that you always follow these five steps. 1. Focus on your target audience Before beginning to prepare an email marketing campaign, you

  • inbound marketing industry

What Will the Inbound Marketing Industry Look Like in 4 Years?

Innovative and game-changing products, services and ideas are regularly turning the market on its head, making it difficult to predict the future of the technology industry. However, by looking at past and current trends, we should be able to put together some picture of what the inbound marketing industry will look like in just

  • telemarketing

Using Telemarketing to Gather and Delight Customers

Telemarketing has a bad reputation. We’ve all been irritated by text messages and phone calls at awkward and inconvenient times from companies we don’t want to talk to. It’s not surprising that many companies choose to overlook telemarketing as a marketing and retention strategy. However, well-formulated and targeted telemarketing is still a communication option