25 Sales Productivity Must Have

CRM is your secret weapon for making sales reps 10x more productive and sales managers 10x smarter – learn why.

CRM is designed to significantly boost your team’s sales productivity and give you the core sales tools you need to grow your business.

We’ll explore 25 features that are included in CRM that will bolster your productivity. From how you manage your Rolodex to where you can work to how you assess your performance, learn how CRM can make you a lean, mean, productive sales machine.

Considering how productivity impacts all levels of a company, it’s worth having people and tools that can make all elements of the sales world run smoothly.

In this 32-page ebook we’ll discuss:

  • ‘Must have’ strategic sales management features
  • How to effectively manage your customer relationships
  • The tools you need to prospect, organise and qualify leads
  • Why mobility changes the way you sell
  • What features are important in a sales & CRM platform to bolster productivity

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25 Productivity Must Have