4 Easy Ways to Generate Website Leads

4 Easy Ways to Generate Website Leads

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Need to Generate More Leads from Your Website?

Driving website traffic is a big priority for every business. It's vital to have a great website and a sound SEO strategy to keep those leads coming in.

It’s all very well attracting visitors to your website, but how are you going to keep them there? And more importantly, how are you going to turn those visitors into loyal, long-term customers?

These four ways to generate website leads will give you the best chance of planting the seeds that will help you grow your customer base. By executing them with care, time and the help of some expert know-how, you will begin to see your number of website leads increasing.

Contact forms

Contact forms are your stepping stone to growing a database of contact details. An easy-to-use form allows you to offer something of value to your potential customers in exchange for their details. For example, you could offer incentives such as special offers, information or useful downloads.

Keep forms simple and only request essential information. This will enable you to encourage your visitors to engage with you directly, and will help pave the path for long and profitable customer relationships.

Social media

The beauty of social media is how it enables you to communicate with thousands of potential customers at once. Additionally, your ‘likers’ and ‘followers’ give you immediate knowledge on users that are interested in your company, services or products.

Every new follow or like carries the potential to bring several more. Therefore, social media is a great way to develop a large following without having to do much work.

Increase your user engagement by ensuring all your posts have social sharing buttons. Post regularly and keep things informative. However, avoid bombarding your followers with hard sales and marketing pitches. Social media users don’t want to feel like they're being sold to whilst they're scrolling their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Calls to action

Your website’s landing pages are an important part of how you generate website leads. To make the most of a landing page, you need to create a clear, concise call to action to let your leads know exactly what they’re getting.

What is the primary purpose of your page? What do you want from your leads? Are you trying to sell something? Make it clear. In order to give your visitors direction and keep them engaged, you should try to include a call to action with every page.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way of generating leads, as it can be used to speak directly to potential customers.

Add ‘subscribe’ buttons to your website and social media feeds. Use marketing automation to deliver specific messages to your subscribers. These could focus around blogs, updates, news and promotions.

These automations should be relatively low maintenance. As time goes on, analyse their efficacy and make changes as necessary.

These ways to generate website leads sounds relatively straightforward and are highly effective when executed correctly. It can take time to find the best ways to use the strategies for your business.

By implementing inbound marketing software into the daily operations of your business, you can enjoy all the rewards of website lead generation without much effort.