4 Great CRM Public Speakers

In the world of CRM, some experts stand out for their flair, energy and innovation. Here are some of our favorite public speakers in the CRM field, who are redefining how we think about B2B customer retention.

Larry Augustin – an open source trailblazer

The CEO of SugarCRM is a constant voice in the CRM community, pushing firms to adopt cutting edge technological solutions. We like his attention to freedom, data collection and commitment to open source methods of gathering information. Augustin focuses on finding ways for firms to implement CRM strategies in a way that empowers every single employee with the skills and resources they need to serve every single customer. Instead of creating CRM systems which constantly see to control the way staff interact, he’s in favor of creating the conditions where staff can benefits from smart alerts and integrated CRM implementations. That fits in neatly with our interests too, which is why we always listen to what Augustin has to say. business women drawing idea board of business process diagram

Seth Godin – a CRM heretic

It might seem strange to add Seth Godin to our list, but we like to think outside the box. Godin is famous in CRM circles for declaring the “death of CRM” at every opportunity. Instead, he prefers to talk about models of customer “tribes”. Since 2006, Godin has been trying to get marketers to think differently about their customers. Instead of seeing them as a resource to be managed and controlled, he tries to get firms to conceptualize their customers as autonomous, unpredictable and demanding. In other words, he wants us to think of customers as real people – which is why we like what he has to say.

Sanjay Rai Gupta – the CRM blog guy

If you’ve spend much time trawling the web for CRM inspiration, you will probably have come across Sanjay Rai Gupta’s CRM Blog Guy website. His writing is always lucid, informative and up to date – and his speaking on CRM is just as sharp. If you want to know how CRM strategies are being implemented in the real world and a well researched, helpful source for new ideas, he is definitely the expert to turn to. Gupta always speaks well, and doesn’t oversell the benefits of CRM, although we think he makes a great case for investing in the latest customer management software.

Phil Terry – the client experience expert

The CEO of Creative Good reminds us that successful marketing is all about creating a positive customer experience. When we use CRM strategies to retain customers, Phil Terry cautions us to ensure that we don’t alienate visitors to our web site or users of our customer support teams. He recommends creating dedicated customer experience teams within each firm to deal with support, marketing and branding – with plenty of data on hand to inform their decisions. Like our other favorite experts, Terry knows that a CRM strategy only works if it has a human face – and that winning the CRM battle is all about connecting with actual people. That’s why we always listen to what he has to say.


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