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4 Trailblazers Leading the Way in CRM

leading the way in crm

The right CRM integration tools can drastically enhance the efficiency and profitability of a company.

From web content publishing to document automation, successful market leaders have witnessed first-hand how CRM helps make business run smoothly.

Here are four companies leading the way in CRM in the management of their workflows and data.

Marriott: managing global operations

Marriott is a large and successful hotel chain, with operations that extend to several countries throughout the world. It’s no surprise that they use a CRM tool to ensure their operations run as smoothly as possible.

Recently, Marriott went public about its use of CRM, stating that they use the software for a wide variety of tasks. Such tasks include managing relationships with travel agencies, keeping track of individual hotel expenditures and keeping track of company-wide expenditure.

Mathusek: sales forecasting

Mathusek creates high-quality gym floors (as well as other sports and flooring solutions) and relies heavily on sales forecasts to keep operations running profitably. They benefit from 96% accuracy in their sales forecasts.

How do they do this? They use a CRM solution. Mathusek is very open about the fact that they use CRM software to collect market data, track supplier orders and manage relationships with clients.

This facilitates them in hitting the market where demand is at its highest. They don’t waste money producing surplus stock that they cannot shift.

Dolphin Software: optimising sales processes

Another of the big companies leading the way in CRM, Dolphin Software specialises in turning print mediums into other formats such as MP3. They use CRM to streamline their processes of connecting with clients, sending invoices and managing orders.

CRM software is ideally suited to this type of process. For example, an automated invoicing system is invaluable for companies looking to improve efficiency. Additionally, a database of customer details and invoices helps to speed up repeat orders and streamline new ones.

Scotia McLeod: enhancing relationships with clients

Scotia McLeod is an investment advice company that uses CRM to foster and maintain relationships with clients.

The company sought to turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to provide them with financial services.

CRM software enabled them to do this by creating a single, unified platform which they could use to monitor and manage customer relationships. The employees use the information gathered in their CRM database to personalise their communications, sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

At Flowbird, we believe that CRM is a part of business that no company should go without. We can enable you to utilise the software to the best of its ability. By advising you on the best choice of CRM for your business, we can help you manage your contact database and ensure that you are effectively interacting with your customers to nurture productive, profitable results.

So if you want to be one of the companies leading the way in CRM, we’re ready to help.


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