6 Signs You Need Help with B2B lead generation

6 Signs You Need Help With B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is at the core of any business’s success

There are some telltale signs that your business is struggling to recruit enough B2B leads to generate profit. If you notice any of these signs in your business, it’s time to bring in the experts.

You are placing too much responsibility on sales representatives

It’s easy to gradually have your salespeople take more and more responsibility for lead generation. However, this is not an effective way of lead generation, and it’s likely to have negative impacts on your sales processes too.

Lead generation is all about providing potential customers with information and allowing them to choose your products. Make sure that you have the necessary staff and online materials to facilitate lead generation. Salespeople should focus on sales – not on lead generation.

Your customer database is full of dead-ends and meaningless data

One of the most crucial tasks for businesses is to keep an accurate record of potential and past customers.

Give your sales force a hand by ensuring that they have easy access to a potential customer’s history. This includes information on whether they have been contacted before and what they might be interested in. This will enable them to channel their sales efforts on customers with an interest in your company.

Nobody is reading your marketing emails

Click through rates are an important measure of your email marketing success. Try to find out what percentage of potential leads actually open the messages that you send. Some analytical services provide stats about the number of messages received, but the number that matters is how many people read those messages. If your numbers are low, you will want to consider changing your email tactics.

Online visitor numbers are plateauing

This is a dead giveaway. You aren't going to see more B2B lead generation if unique visitors aren’t increasing. If page views are static, then it might be time to check your SEO and web design strategies. You want to do everything you can to place your company above the competition.

Visitors share but don’t buy

It’s all very well having a strong social media presence, with lots of potential customers liking and sharing your posts. But what percentage of those who share your information then go on to make a purchase? Your goal is to generate leads – not vague expressions of interest that don’t lead to sales.

Complaints are starting to rise

Are you getting complaints about your emails or telemarketing campaigns? Are your blog or Twitter feeds filling up with negative comments? Keep tabs on discontent to see whether your tactics are generating negative responses instead of great leads.

If any of these symptoms sound like they might be applicable to your business, then it is time to consider bringing in some B2B expertise. Flowbird can help ensure you’re heading in the right direction with your lead generation efforts. Our help might just lead you to a burst of new leads and consistent revenue growth.