8 Things You May Not Know About Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation PlatformWhilst it’s difficult to convince some companies that they need it, marketing automation–for the most part– is inarguably effective. Many company executives and Directors don’t know enough about marketing automation software to understand what makes it desirable.

A study commissioned in 2013 entitled “Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Report– undertaken by the Lenskold Group showed us that more than 60 percent of the companies that were in the lead so far as marketing are using marketing automation. Couple that with the nearly 80 percent of marketers who are successful in their field and believe that marketing automation is the reason they are doing so well.

There are companies who are simply mad about the idea of marketing automation and email automation but they have yet to execute it. There are others who have not executed it successfully. The main reason for that lack is that some simply didn’t know what it took to accomplish it. Others were unsuccessful because they bought into some serious misconceptions about automated marketing and didn’t take the time to learn the things they didn’t know.

There are a few myths about marketing automation software that need to be addressed as well as several benefits that people are unaware of.

The top things to know about marketing automation software that most people do not know are these:

Despite using Marketing Automation Software, you still need to understand the sales process.

Even if you are using marketing automation software, you do need to know something about marketing prior to beginning an automated marketing software campaign. If you haven’t a clue how the sales process works, automation isn’t going to help you. Educate yourself on the process.

Automation doesn’t mean that the sales process will be effortless for you

You can automate the process of sending email and other marketing methods, but in the end run you still have to monitor the success of it and adjust the campaign to get the effect and the desired goal that you want.

Marketing automation software has multiple benefits.

You‘re going to get more than one benefit from your software. You‘ll be better able to communicate with the customer and tailor your communications better because you understand what your customers want. You may even find that you don’t need your CRM but if you do need the other CRM, most marketing automation software will allow you to integrate the two.

Marketing Automation Software is not just for large companies.

In the past marketing automation software was often cost prohibitive. Today that is no longer the case. Even very small to mid-sized companies are using marketing automation software very successfully to begin marketing campaigns that are effectively increasing their bottom line.

Marketing automation software isn’t just for companies with a big marketing budget.

You may be amazed at how cost effectively marketing automation can be attained and by the excellent return on your investment.

Marketing Automation Software generally begins to assist your company immediately.

Most companies are not aware that marketing automation software often gets results in the first few weeks. Nucleus Research, a market research firm, says that marketing automation software can achieve about a 15 percent increase in efficiency in sales and lower the overhead required for your marketing by over 12 percent.

Marketing automation software isn’t standard software.

It is not the kind of software that you go out and select based on the great spell checker that is included. It is sophisticated software that can have multiple features. It may also, in comparison to others, have some benefits and some marked disadvantages. Because many people know little about it, they aren’t sure what questions to ask in order to get the variety of software that will best serve them.

The best way to select your marketing automation software is to list the kind of features that you need for your own marketing. Having done so,  speak with a representative and ask about features and methods as well as how complex the software is to use and what kind of support that you are going to receive.

Marketing automation software can speed the sales process.

Because the use of marketing automation software shortens the overall cycle to the sale, the entire process can be sped up dramatically, meaning more money in your business in a shorter time span. Pre-qualifying your leads is faster, moving forward is more efficient, and the overall sales are faster.

Marketing Automation Software can help in the lead generation process, in the overall buyer nurturing process, and in the end sales process.  Everything that you do so far as your sales will be more efficiently and more effectively accomplished. If you‘re looking for ways to improve your sales technique and boost your bottom line,  marketing automation software should be the first  thing you consider.

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