things you may not know about marketing automation

8 Things You May Not Know About Marketing Automation

Things You May Not Know About Marketing Automation Software

things you may not know about marketing automation

Despite being challenging to convince some companies that they need it, marketing automation is an invaluable business tool.

Before becoming familiar with the software and its benefits, it can be easy to dismiss it as unnecessary. There are likely to be many things you may not know about marketing automation.

A study in 2013 by the Lenskold Group showed that more than 60% of the top marketing companies were using marketing automation. In addition, nearly 80% of successful marketers believed that marketing automation was responsible for their success.

Bear in mind that this was a few years ago now. Since then, marketing automation has come on a long way, and even more successful businesses are reaping the benefits.

Some companies are excited about the prospect of marketing automation but have yet to execute it. In contrast, other companies implemented the software but did not complete it successfully.

Downfalls can occur when companies are not familiar with the software and use it. Others are unsuccessful because they didn't take the time to learn the things they didn't know.

Some things you may not know about marketing automation include a few myths and some unexpected benefits.

You need to have a firm grasp of the sales process to use marketing automation correctly.

Despite the common misconception, marketing automation does not eliminate the need to understand the sales process. You need to understand sales and marketing to use the software successfully.

If you're not clued up on how the sales process works, automation isn't going to help you. You should, therefore, educate yourself on the process so that you can use marketing automation to its best ability.

Automation doesn’t mean that the sales process will be effortless for you

One of the things you may not know about marketing automation is that it's not going to eliminate the work you need to put into your sales process. It will enable you to automate your emails alongside your other marketing methods. However, you still need to monitor your campaigns' success and adjust them accordingly.

Marketing automation software has multiple benefits.

Another of the things you may not know about marketing automation software is the sheer number of benefits you will experience from it. It will enable you to communicate better with your customers. You will gain insight into your customers' and prospects' needs and preferences and tailor your communications accordingly.

Some companies find that marketing automation removes the need for a CRM system. They go hand-in-hand and truly complement each other. The majority of marketing automation systems will have integrated CRM capabilities anyway, so you should be able to use the two together. However, at Flowbird, we recommend using both marketing automation and CRM.

Marketing automation software is not just for large companies.

We repeatedly encounter a misconception, with small businesses questioning whether they're too small to need marketing automation software. This misconception stems from the cost barrier that used to exist with marketing automation platforms. However, there are now many platforms that have established themselves as budget-friendly and suited to smaller businesses.

We would almost go as far as to say that marketing automation software can be more beneficial if your business is small, as these businesses are often worked to the bone. Marketing automation takes some of the load and allows you to implement a successful marketing strategy without requiring much time commitment, thus giving you the time to focus on other business areas.

Marketing automation software isn’t just for companies with a big marketing budget.

As a small business, this fact is almost sure to be one of the things you may not know about marketing automation. You might be amazed at how cost-effective marketing automation can be, coupled with the excellent return on investment; marketing automation is affordable for almost any business.

Marketing automation software generally begins to assist your company immediately.

It may come as a surprise to you that marketing automation software often begins to show results in just the first few weeks. Nucleus Research, a market research firm, says that marketing automation software can achieve about a 15% increase in efficiency in sales whilst also reducing the overhead required for your marketing by over 12%.

Marketing automation software isn’t standard software.

If you don't know much about marketing automation, it can be challenging to know what questions to ask to determine which software to choose. It's not the kind of software you would choose based on its excellent spell checker feature! It's sophisticated software that can have multiple complex features. There are many options for selecting the right software for you. It would help if you considered the different benefits and disadvantages of the platforms available.

Start by listing the features that you need for your marketing. Then, speak with a representative and ask about features and methods and how complex the software is to use. You might also like to ask what kind of ongoing support they offer.

Marketing automation software can speed up the sales process.

Marketing automation software can shorten the overall sales cycle. The entire process can be sped up, meaning you can make more money for your business in a shorter period. Pre-qualifying your leads is faster, moving forward is more efficient, and the overall sales are faster. Marketing Automation Software can help in the lead generation process, the comprehensive buyer nurturing strategy, and the end sales process. Your sales process will be more efficient and more effective.

At Flowbird, we can guide you in selecting and using a marketing automation system. This article covers just a few of the things you may not know about marketing automation. Contact us today to find out more.