About Flowbird Ltd

We are a team of experts in sales, CRM and marketing. Together we have decades of experience and all the skills necessary to deliver successful sales & CRM solutions for our clients.

We help clients develop relationships with their existing and prospective customers through the use of database technology. Over the years, it has become clear that the number one goal for most companies is to streamline their business and in turn improve customer retention.

Using a unique combination of content, business process management and automation, we help companies succeed at both.

Our values are simple: hard work and honesty.

Hard work is essential when we know how difficult it can be to win business – that’s why we go above and beyond to help you do so.

Your ideas and opinions are vital for our work to be successful. That’s why we take a client-centred approach. If you don’t like something we do or suggest, then tell us. We believe our methods will increase your business leads, but ultimately it’s your business and we always value your choices and opinions.

Meet The Team

Jason Rainbird Flowbird Director
Gavin Tanton Operations Manager
Chloé Rainbird Flowbird Marketing Manager
Angela Rainbird Flowbird
Emma Everest Flowbird Senior Marketing Automation Consultant
Rebecca Alksnitis Flowbird
Shadeau Young Marketing Automation Consultant
Vasil Yanakiev Flowbird CRM Consultant

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