8 Reasons Agile CRM Is Your Business’s Next Big Thing

agile crm

Customer Relationship Management: believed by many to be a time-consuming chore, it’s often overlooked and overshadowed by seemingly more important parts of your business. That’s where Agile CRM comes in. Seamless, affordable – what’s not to love?

It’s automated (which means it’s easy)

Why put yourself through repetitive tasks when you can automate? With Agile CRM you can automate your marketing processes, including email campaigns, email tracking, social marketing, analytics and much more. Automate your sales processes, too: keep all of your contacts, data and events synced and easy to manage. It’s like employing someone to work for you with all of the benefits and none of the draw backs. So sit back and watch Agile CRM work harder, more accurately and more efficiently for you.

It’s straightforward to use

One use of the software and you’ll be immediately drawn in. The user interface is sleek, modern and intuitive, meaning little training is required.

It’s designed for small businesses

The creators of Agile CRM understand that the needs of SMEs are different to those of multi-billion corporations. This is reflected in the software. Agile CRM will enable your company to boost its success, without the painful price tag.

It’s affordable

Following on from above… Yes, there are lots of CRM solutions out there, many of which have tonnes of additional and more complex features. They boast that the complexity of their systems justifies the extortionate costs. But let us tell you two things that we have learnt over the years: 1) all the complicated, techy features are really not necessary and 2) you don’t need to pay that kind of money to get a good system. Agile CRM is a no-nonsense solution packed with useful features, automations and integrations. Don’t buy into the lie that “if it’s not complicated, it can’t be that good”. Agile CRM disproves this myth: it is simple, affordable, and everything that you need for your CRM.

You can have a free trial

Scared of committing to a new system? Agile CRM offer a 10 user free trial so that you can test the waters before taking the plunge.

New service features

The key to CRM is the customers. And what do customers want? Excellent customer service. That’s why Agile CRM have incorporated the new ‘helpdesk’ feature into their system. Understand your customers and lead them through the customer life-cycle. The ‘ticketing’ system enables you to categorise customers’ needs and resolve issues promptly. And of course, it involves automation. Customer service made easy.

Gamification: it’s fun

Let’s be honest, we’re all big kids at heart and nothing is as motivating as when it is turned into a game. Generate a bit of healthy competition in the workplace with leaderboards, activity logs and advanced sales metrics.

Agile CRM are on your side

A quick glance at some of Agile CRM’s reviews and it’s clear that their customer service plays a big part in the success of their company. No matter how simple or intuitive a system is, we all need a bit of extra help sometimes. Their customer support is top class. They work hard to support you in making sure your CRM system is working to its full potential.

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