Leaving Lockdown: 3 Top Experts Recommend Best Ways To Support Your Workforce’s Physical & Mental Health

As the pandemic eases and we slowly return to work, the road back to normality is full of potholes. Many challenges, both professional and personal, lie ahead, writes Alec Lom. The international consultancy firm Accenture recently forecast that, in the future, post-Covid-19 era, “every business will be a health business”. By that, they didn’t just … Read more

How to Maintain Your Eco-friendly Progress Made in the Wake of Covid-19

While nobody would say that the coronavirus was a good thing, it’s undeniable that the pandemic and our global response to it has made business owners in almost every industry ask some pressing questions. With many working from home, massive disruptions to supply chains, and an impending financial recession, there is a simple inability to … Read more

Why your relationships with your customers can make or break your business

  The old adage that the customer is always right still holds true. Today more than ever, new businesses need to appreciate just how important it is to maintain happy customer relationships. Starting a new business is no mean feat. But masterful customer relationship management could be the secret ingredient to success. “The customer is … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Hire A CRM Agency

CRM covers the relationships you have with your contacts and customers. It includes leads who are only just becoming familiar with your company’s name, right through to your most loyal customers. CRM software enables you to manage these relationships and keep everything in one place with a purpose-built system. Many of these systems have been … Read more

Should You Be Spending More Time On Long Term Nurture?

If someone asked you which part of sales and marketing is the most important, what would you say? Lead generation? Closing deals? Customer retention? What about long term nurture of slow leads? Leads who don’t move through the sales funnel according to your typical pipeline stages or timeframe are all-too-often left to slip through the … Read more

Why CRM is Essential in Today’s Competitive Business Environment

According to various surveys conducted, customers make approximately 51% of their purchases online. As a result, businesses, including those selling local products, are pushing towards creating a more significant online presence. But as a company’s consumer base grows, customising interactions with customers becomes challenging. This is where a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy steps in.  … Read more

5 Tools That Will Help You Write Blog Posts That Wow Your Readers

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