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  • automation

Why Automation is Key in the 21st Century

As a business director, I always say that if something needs to be done three times or more, it needs to be automated. This is purely a matter of economics and we base most of what we do here at Flowbird on the principle. Why keep doing something manually when you can have it

  • blog

Would A Blog Work For My Business?

Generating sales leads is the best way to engage with your prospects and reach your sales targets. Blogging is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of achieving these goals. Unlike traditional lead generation tactics, blogging helps you reach a wide audience whilst keeping costs under measure. It can be used by businesses across

  • customer retention

4 Time-Proven Customer Retention Strategies

As a business owner, customer retention should be top priority. Studies have shown that acquiring new customers costs around 5-7 times as much as nurturing existing ones. Factor in the potential for up-sells and cross-sells during a long-term sales relationship and it’s clear that retaining customers pays rich dividends. The question is, how do

  • faux pas

3 Faux Pas That Are Okay to Make with Your Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days when aggressive marketing approaches were considered the best. Now, non-interruptive yet powerful marketing strategies are the order of the day. Distributing engaging content about your product naturally attracts people who are interested in it - and this is precisely what inbound marketing is. Since people who are genuinely interested in

  • use your website to capture leads

How To Use Your Website To Capture Leads

It’s a common situation in the world of inbound marketing: you’ve got a fantastic product, a strong brand and a talented team behind you. But how do you use your website to capture leads? Using your website to capture leads is easy, effective and low-cost. And by putting together a strong strategy using landing

  • leading the way in crm

4 Trailblazers Leading the Way in CRM

The right CRM integration tools can drastically enhance the efficiency and profitability of a company. From web content publishing to document automation, successful market leaders have witnessed first-hand how CRM helps make business run smoothly. Here are four companies leading the way in CRM in the management of their workflows and data. Marriott: managing

  • data analysis

Why Is Data Analysis Important In Achieving Inbound Marketing Success?

Inbound marketing is a proven way to improve the efficiency of online sales strategies. It can enhance the revenues of eCommerce vendors across a wide variety of sectors. At Flowbird, we provide a wide range of inbound marketing services which can revolutionise the way online sellers operate, raising them to a new level of

  • lead generation

6 Signs You Need Help With B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is at the core of any business’s success in selling their products or services. You need to recruit a constant stream of interested, motivated customers who stand a good chance of purchasing your products. As any seasoned marketer will tell you, that can be quite a challenge. There are some tell-tale

  • crm will help improve your sales turnover

6 Ways CRM Will Help Improve Your Sales Turnover

As a B2B business director, you have to invest a lot in your efforts to continually improve your company's sales turnover. A key part of achieving this is by satisfying your customers. Satisfied customers trust companies to provide them with products and services that will help them run and excel at their businesses. In today’s

  • loves Online Email Marketing

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Online Email Marketing

Back in the days when the internet was new and users were excited, email was one of the things that you got excited about. Everyone was interested in having an email account and the free email accounts from Hotmail and AOL went like hotcakes. Online email marketing worked because email was hot and new. Remember

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