CRM, the perfect solution to increasing customer retention

Odoo ERP

Key Benefits of Implementing a CRM System Into Your Business When it comes to customer relationship management, there’s no shortage of solutions. Many CRM software systems have been developed in recent years, each with benefits and drawbacks. Many companies are left wondering which platform is the best solution for them and their needs. A CRM…

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Benefits of CRM Software For Sports and Leisure Companies

ERP Software For Sports and Leisure

We like taking vacations or participating in sports; the sports and leisure industry relies solely on customer satisfaction to thrive. People usually prefer reliability, and a manager wants to deliver exactly what the customer wants. CRM Software will enable the manager to monitor income streaming, ease sales management, and be competitive with rival firms. This…

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Expert tips on calculating the ROI of an ERP project

ROI of an ERP project

The major stumbling block in calculating the R.O.I. of an ERP project lies in how a business operates. Each business functions differently and therefore calculate their costs and returns differently. However, the essential factors to consider when defining your expenses and returns are here. The ratio of investment of an ERP is the ratio between…

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