Blogging for Business

Every business is part of a community of buyers and sellers. Successful blogs tap into that community and attract commentators from other firms in their droves.

If you’re struggling to generate leads and retain customers, your inbound marketing strategies may not be functioning correctly. Even if customers are reaching your site, there are several reasons why they may be deciding not to make a purchase.

Often, an engaging blog with regular postings can send your lead generation and customer retention leaps and bounds. At Flowbird, we’ll consider the best way for your business to utilise blogging.


Blogging regularly

Every business is part of a community of buyers and sellers. Successful blogs tap into that community and attract commentators from other firms in their droves.

We work with our clients to help them build up a wide readership, generating brand loyalty and reputation across the web. We do this by creating a plan for regular postings. This shows that your company is committed to providing helpful information and is serious about your work.

Posting regularly will impress occasional browsers and allow your firm to strike up fruitful relationships with regular readers.

We’re experts in advising SMEs to create high-quality content that generates leads and retains customers. As mentioned above, businesses need to produce quality content. It’s also vital that this content is correctly positioned within the sales funnel. So bringing in outside expertise is critical.

Integrate, integrate, integrate

Content should always be connected to your sales funnel. Otherwise, no matter how well written and persuasive it is, it will simply be text, with no way for customers to make a purchase. Therefore, we will work with you to ensure that every blog is written has a precise place and purpose in your sales funnel.

We usually recommend positioning your blog as a subdomain within your main website. You should add signposted links to forms or sales pages.

Talk about relevant products that you’re currently featuring on your site. Explain how you can use them to potential leads or how they fit into the wider world.

Regular blogging is a great way to create a brand identity that speaks directly to potential customers. Whatever you’re selling, customers want to know about what’s on offer and how they can improve their own business by purchasing certain products. The essence of B2B blogging is to persuade these potential leads that what your firm offers is uniquely valuable.

In life, it’s clear that people who speak clearly, eloquently and persuasively are more likely to succeed. It’s no different from B2B content creation. So go the extra mile with your content. With our help, you can rest assured that your content reflects the core service that your firm provides, giving leads the wow factor when they encounter your site.

Is Your Site Performing Well?

At Flowbird, we think blogs are very important. Maintaining a well-written, informative blog and integrating it into your lead capture systems can ensure that your inbound marketing is improving. With Google and other search engines tightening up their algorithms, content creation is no longer an optional extra: it's a must. Now, to attract customers, it is vital to offer high-quality content.

Is it time to systematise your business and become more effective, increase your revenue and expand your customer base?