4 Trailblazers Leading the Way in CRM

The right CRM integration tools can drastically enhance the efficiency and profitability of a company. From web content publishing to document automation, successful market leaders have witnessed first-hand how CRM helps make business run smoothly. Here are four companies leading the way in CRM in the management of their workflows and data. Marriott: managing [...]

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6 Ways CRM Will Help Improve Your Sales Turnover

As a B2B business director, you have to invest a lot in your efforts to continually improve your company's sales turnover. A key part of achieving this is by satisfying your customers. Satisfied customers trust companies to provide them with products and services that will help them run and excel at their businesses. In today’s [...]

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The 3 Biggest Disasters in CRM History

CRM can have huge benefits for a company's success. It can help to turn leads into sales, encourage repeat purchases and help with branding strategy. Many companies also find their CRM systems vital for dealing with customer complaints efficiently. However, to be effective CRM needs to be selected and implemented correctly. Poor use of CRM can lead [...]

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What Sports Can Teach Us About CRM

Many of the principles that apply to a competitive sport can be applied to CRM. Indeed, by using the various aspects of sporting competition as analogies, you may be able to explain the main principles of CRM to key individuals within your organisation more effectively. Selecting the right customers Imagine you're running a football team! You'll [...]

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Responsible for a Email Marketing Budget? 3 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money

Email marketing is a great way to convert leads into sales, but it can be a hit and miss affair. Companies often have rich customer databases that are full of potential, but they fail to make the most of their resources. Even worse, poorly conceived email marketing campaigns can actually alienate loyal customers and drive [...]

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3 Marketing Automation Failures And How to Avoid Them

Marketing automation could be incredible. It could make businesses ultra-efficient. It could allow staff to focus on meeting clients’ needs, instead of worrying out routine tasks. It can make scheduling a breeze. But all too often, it doesn’t. Recent history is littered with marketing automation failures. For some reason, companies fail to understand how to [...]

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Get more leads and close deals faster with our refreshing new take on customer relations

The name of the game in business today is growth. Small to mid-sized companies who are not embracing new ideas and new technology are typically not gaining the sales they need to grow. Technology and growth go hand in nearly every business in the world. Every business --including yours--needs to bring in new leads in [...]

The Risks of Neglecting CRM Software Leads

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential when it comes to running any successful business, and implementing the latest innovations in CRM systems can yield real results in cost-saving and workflow management throughout every tier of an organisation. CRM can be integrated at an enterprise level, helping streamline lead generation and follow-up for conversions that count, [...]

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What is all this talk about funnel marketing?

If you are remotely involved with sales, then you will probably have heard about the wonders of funnel marketing. But what is this technique all about, and how can companies use it to their advantage? Funnel Marketing: A clear-sighted way to visualise the customer experience The "funnel" refers to the "sales funnel" - a metaphor [...]

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4 Great CRM Public Speakers

In the world of CRM, some experts stand out for their flair, energy and innovation. Here are some of our favorite public speakers in the CRM field, who are redefining how we think about B2B customer retention. Larry Augustin - an open source trailblazer The CEO of SugarCRM is a constant voice in the CRM [...]

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