New features of Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM Features

As a business owner you really can’t afford to rest on your laurels when it comes to customer relationships, so good CRM technology is essential for managing your interactions with your current customers – and potential new ones! A decent CRM system will help you to build those customer relationships, as well as streamline your…

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How Can Using a CRM System Make You 10x More Productive?


It’s easy for a business to become overwhelmed by copious amounts of information and data regarding customer transactions, employees and sales. If a business is unable to organise this data efficiently, then the staff productivity will definitely be slowed to a crawl. Several businesses are now relying on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to streamline everyday…

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The Benefits of CRM Software For Sports and Leisure Companies

ERP Software For Sports and Leisure

We like taking vacations or participating in sports; the Sports and leisure industry solely relies on customer satisfaction to thrive. People usually prefer reliability, and a manager will want to deliver just what the customer wants. CRM Software will enable the manager to monitor income streaming, ease sales management, and be competitive with rival firms.…

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What can a CRM System do for a company?

CRM system

All businesses thrive on the same principle of customer satisfaction. Since the customer is king, the success or failure of the business significantly depends on the rapport created between the client and the company. For a small enterprise, customer management is possible through simplistic tools like spreadsheets. However, as the firm grows, it can be…

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Relationships with your customers can make or break your business

why your relationships with your customers can make or break your business

Why Your Relationships with Your Customers Can Make or Break Your Business?   The adage that the customer is always right still holds. Today more than ever, new businesses need to appreciate just how important it is to maintain happy customer relationships. Starting a new business is no mean feat. But masterful customer relationship management…

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6 Reasons You Should Hire A CRM Agency

CRM Agency

CRM covers the relationships you have with your contacts and customers. It includes leads who are just becoming familiar with your company’s name right through to your most loyal customers. CRM software enables you to manage these relationships and keep everything in one place with a purpose-built system. Many of these systems have been designed…

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Why CRM is Essential in Today’s Competitive Business Environment

Why CRM is essential - man gesturing with laptop and notedbook on desk

According to various surveys conducted, customers make approximately 51% of their purchases online. As a result, businesses, including those selling local products, are pushing towards creating a more significant online presence. But as a company’s consumer base grows, customising interactions with customers becomes challenging. This is where a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy steps in. …

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What Are The Benefits Of Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation?

what are the benefits of an integrated crm and marketing automation system

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation are renowned for managing and boosting a company’s sales and marketing efforts. CRM software acts as a database of your leads and customers. It’s a central hub for your salespeople to view the status of leads as they move down the sales funnel. Marketing automation, on the other hand, focuses…

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How A CRM System Will Help Your Business

How a CRM system will help your business - man and woman shaking hands

Interested in how a CRM system will help your business? Then you’ve come to the right place! CRM (customer relationship management) software is essential for growing businesses. Offering contact management, opportunity management, dashboard analytics and marketing automation, a CRM system unites many of the key aspects of your business. It’s a single platform to store…

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Pipedrive Integrations You Need To Be Using

pipedrive integrations

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM system. We use it to help our clients streamline their sales processes and reach their goals. There are a few reasons we love Pipedrive – and it’s not just because it automates repetitive tasks (though that is high up on our list!). A few reasons we love Pipedrive It’s pipeline-focused,…

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