New Office, New Faces: The Flowbird Team Through The Lens

2020 has been a roller-coaster for pretty much everyone, Covid-19 has affected pretty much all of us on a work and personal level. The lasting effect is a worry that we are certain echos across all sectors. We have been lucky enough that even throughout these unprecedented times, Flowbird has expanded! Strengthening our team The past … Read more

How Existing Customers Can Grow Your Business

Media expert and former journalist Alec Lom draws on his 30 years’ experience in Fleet Street and at the BBC to help businesses harness the power of the media. In this guest blog, he offers Flowbird readers tips and advice on how companies can use their existing resources and databases to develop sales.   Photo … Read more

Loss Aversion Tactics That Won’t Damage Your Brand

Our brains go to great lengths to stop us from losing things. Whether it’s losing a physical possession or missing out on a great deal, the emotional response associated with the prospect of losing something is far greater than with the prospect of gaining something. It’s known as the loss aversion tendency. Loss aversion, therefore, … Read more

How Can You Improve Your Sales Turnover with a CRM System?

How a CRM System will Improve Your Sales Turnover Modern CRM software enables companies to collect, analyse and share information on their customers and marketplace. Many businesses find lots of benefit from having one system that covers everything, from sales and service to after-sales support. It enables your salespeople to offer a more effective, tailored service … Read more

The Worst Email Marketing Videos of All Time

Learn from poor email marketing videos It’s vital to find a balance between educational content and entertaining content and that’s something that many of the worst email marketing videos of all time simply failed to do. In fact, you don’t need a how-to video to show you the way to launch an effective email marketing … Read more

How To Achieve Success Through Customer Communication

This will help you develop strong relationships and build up a loyal customer base. At Flowbird, we offer a range of services to help you do this. Tailor Newsletters to Everyone Client A popular way for businesses to maintain regular customer communication is through email updates. These can include information on new products, promotions and … Read more

A Step by Step Guide to Internet Marketing

It can be used for any company, product, service or idea. What makes the internet such a useful platform? And how can you make the most out of it? We have put together some useful tips and tricks which will help you utilise the power of website marketing. Plan, develop and handle with care – these are … Read more

5 Steps to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

But in order to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, you should ensure that you always follow these five steps. 1. Focus on your target audience Before beginning to prepare an email marketing campaign, you need to identify your target customers and find out which messages are most likely to resonate with them. … Read more

6 Signs You Need Help With B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is at the core of any business’s success   There are some telltale signs that your business is struggling to recruit enough B2B leads to generate profit. If you notice any of these signs in your business, it’s time to bring in the experts. 1: You are placing too much responsibility on sales … Read more

Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

Many marketers are still clutching at straws in the dark. They are investing time and money in campaigns despite not knowing if they’ll work. It’s therefore unsurprising that many marketing campaigns fall far short of their aims. How can inbound marketing help? Before the internet, poorly thought through campaigns were a common occurrence. However, things have … Read more