We’ve written a number of articles on ERP software as it ties into our core CRM and marketing automation services. We take data from the ERP platform and use this information to enhance and personalise the message that customers are receiving.

By analysing the ERP software we can segment the data and split the contacts into relevant lists. This could be based on recent purchases or type of clients. Either way the ERP holds a wealth of information.

Ideally we try to integrate the ERP platform with our marketing automation platform, but this isn’t always possible, so we resort to simply exporting this data and uploading it to our platform.

Most ERP systems are a good source of rich data and often overlooked when we first start our implementation process. One area that is extremely useful is RFM analysis, enabling us to determine which customers should be approached first and which should be handled with care.



Web Based ERP Software – Advantages and Disadvantages

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has the potential to revolutionise your organisation. By consolidating all business functions and processes into one coherent whole, you gain massive strategic and operational value and total control of your operation.  If you're planning on installing ERP software or revamping your existing set-up, you may be wondering about the

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