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  • creating buyer personas

A Cheat Sheet For Creating Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are depictions of your typical customers. Each buyer persona will include information on areas such as age, job title, pain points, obstacles and priorities. The make-up of a buyer persona will vary from company to company, but they should all cover everything that may affect the customers' and prospects' decisions to purchase. How important

  • using inbound marketing

Using Inbound Marketing

Are You Using Inbound Marketing to help you build your business? If you have a great product to sell, skilled staff, a market that demands what you offer and a slick web presence, what else do you need? All those things are important. However, to succeed on the web, you need to pay attention

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  • advice about inbound marketing

The Worst Advice About Inbound Marketing You Could Ever Get

There is a lot of varied and dynamic advice about inbound marketing. This is because the strategy encompasses a wide range of techniques and methods. It can be daunting to someone who’s not utilised the technique before. To make things simple, the end goal is always to attract and retain customers. The business world

  • inbound marketing

The Many Virtues of Inbound Marketing

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate a healthy stream of leads that wind up as sales. But how can you ensure your efforts are consistently achieving this? That’s the killer question that saw the rise in inbound marketing and customer relationship management. At Flowbird, we love leading companies to success through inbound

  • inbound marketing industry

What Will the Inbound Marketing Industry Look Like in 4 Years?

Innovative and game-changing products, services and ideas are regularly turning the market on its head, making it difficult to predict the future of the technology industry. However, by looking at past and current trends, we should be able to put together some picture of what the inbound marketing industry will look like in just

  • inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to bring customers to your business. It is a contrast to the more traditional method of outbound marketing which requires you to actively go out and seek new customers. A good inbound marketing strategy will make your brand or product highly visible. As

  • 3 Faux Pas That Are Okay to Make with Your Inbound Marketing

3 Faux Pas That Are Okay to Make with Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Faux Pas Gone are the days when aggressive marketing approaches were considered the best. Now, non-interruptive yet powerful marketing strategies are the order of the day. Distributing engaging content about your product naturally attracts people who are interested in it - and this is precisely what inbound marketing is. Since people who

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  • data analysis

Why Is Data Analysis Important In Achieving Inbound Marketing Success?

Inbound marketing is a proven way to improve the efficiency of online sales strategies. It can enhance the revenues of eCommerce vendors across a wide variety of sectors. At Flowbird, we provide a wide range of inbound marketing services which can revolutionise the way online sellers operate, raising them to a new level of

  • hobbies inbound marketing

Six Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Better At Inbound Marketing

In the digital age, focusing all your efforts on outbound marketing is no longer an option if you want to succeed. Endless phone calls, networking in conferences, cold coffee in boardroom meetings – who really has the time? These days, everyone has their own website. A well-maintained website should be more than enough to bring

  • benefits of inbound marketing

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business

Many marketers are still clutching at straws in the dark. They are investing time and money in campaigns despite not knowing if they'll work. It's therefore unsurprising that many marketing campaigns fall far short of their aims. How can inbound marketing help? Before the internet, poorly thought through campaigns were a common occurrence. However, things


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