Manage your supply chain in one place with an ERP

Manage your supply chain in one place with ERP

Manage your supply chain in one place with ERP Choosing the right ERP software to run your business is always going to be a challenge. With an ERP, you are always in good hands. Delivering your goods and services to your customers efficiently and on time is vital if you want your supply chain business…

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How Can Using a CRM System Make You 10x More Productive?


It’s easy for a business to become overwhelmed by copious amounts of information and data regarding customer transactions, employees and sales. If a business is unable to organise this data efficiently, then the staff productivity will definitely be slowed to a crawl. Several businesses are now relying on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to streamline everyday…

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The Benefits of CRM Software For Sports and Leisure Companies

ERP Software For Sports and Leisure

We like taking vacations or participating in sports; the Sports and leisure industry solely relies on customer satisfaction to thrive. People usually prefer reliability, and a manager will want to deliver just what the customer wants. CRM Software will enable the manager to monitor income streaming, ease sales management, and be competitive with rival firms.…

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What can a CRM System do for a company?

CRM system

All businesses thrive on the same principle of customer satisfaction. Since the customer is king, the success or failure of the business significantly depends on the rapport created between the client and the company. For a small enterprise, customer management is possible through simplistic tools like spreadsheets. However, as the firm grows, it can be…

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5 Tools That Will Help You Write Blog Posts That Wow Your Readers

Write blog posts - person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

You’ve heard it time and time again: blogs are essential to your marketing strategy. It’s wise advice, but certainly easier said than done. Perhaps you’re totally new to blogging and not really sure where to start. Maybe you’re a long-standing blogger and you could just do with a helping hand. Perhaps you’re actually procrastinating from…

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What Is Inbound Marketing?

What is inbound marketing - inbound marketing strategy on a smartphone

Inbound marketing is the process of drawing potential customers to your business using the right content, at the right time and in the right place. By creating content for your ideal customers to consume and enjoy, new leads will be naturally drawn to your business. As they learn about your industry and what you do,…

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9 Things You Need To Know About Landing Pages

Landing pages - man using computer

What is a landing page? A crucial tool for moving leads down the sales funnel, a landing page acts as a bridge between each stage of the buyer’s journey. Each landing page usually forms part of a sales or marketing campaign. It’s a standalone page that leads or customers land on after clicking on a…

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The Essential Components Of An Inbound Marketing System

inbound marketing system

Photo by nappy from Pexels There is a wealth of information online on making inbound marketing part of your more comprehensive marketing strategy. But what are the essential components of an inbound marketing system? In this article, we will cover what you need in your toolbox to do inbound marketing well. These things will make…

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Loss Aversion Tactics That Won’t Damage Your Brand

Our brains go to great lengths to stop us from losing things. Whether it’s losing a physical possession or missing out on a great deal, the emotional response associated with the prospect of losing something is far greater than with the prospect of gaining something. It’s known as the loss aversion tendency. Loss aversion, therefore,…

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Marketing Step By Step: How To Do It The Easy Way

marketing step by step

Marketing is a broad topic. Whilst we at Flowbird focus on automation and CRM, marketing can also cover market research, advertisements and much more. With so much to consider, it makes sense to approach your marketing step by step. By breaking it down and taking it one step at a time, your marketing strategy becomes…

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