New Office, New Faces: The Flowbird Team Through The Lens

2020 has been a roller-coaster for pretty much everyone, Covid-19 has affected pretty much all of us on a work and personal level. The lasting effect is a worry that we are certain echos across all sectors. We have been lucky enough that even throughout these unprecedented times, Flowbird has expanded! Strengthening our team The past … Read more

A Guide To Remote Working In 2020

2020 has seen unprecedented numbers of employees working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses across the UK have been forced to adapt to strict social distancing regulations introduced to help halt the spread of the virus. This has led to many companies and their employees working remotely for the first time. … Read more

Heading Back To The Office?: 10 Expert Tips To Get Ready

Practical advice for employers & employees on how to stay ahead of the curve The Government is easing lockdown. Shops are re-opening, the football’s back and pubs, hotels and cinemas will be up and running soon. But this remains an anxious time for everyone, especially Britain’s 10 million office workers, writes Alec Lom. The nation’s become … Read more

Leaving Lockdown: 3 Top Experts Recommend Best Ways To Support Your Workforce’s Physical & Mental Health

As the pandemic eases and we slowly return to work, the road back to normality is full of potholes. Many challenges, both professional and personal, lie ahead, writes Alec Lom. The international consultancy firm Accenture recently forecast that, in the future, post-Covid-19 era, “every business will be a health business”. By that, they didn’t just … Read more

How to Maintain Your Eco-friendly Progress Made in the Wake of Covid-19

While nobody would say that the coronavirus was a good thing, it’s undeniable that the pandemic and our global response to it has made business owners in almost every industry ask some pressing questions. With many working from home, massive disruptions to supply chains, and an impending financial recession, there is a simple inability to … Read more

Why your relationships with your customers can make or break your business

  The old adage that the customer is always right still holds true. Today more than ever, new businesses need to appreciate just how important it is to maintain happy customer relationships. Starting a new business is no mean feat. But masterful customer relationship management could be the secret ingredient to success. “The customer is … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation?

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation are renowned for managing and boosting a company’s sales and marketing efforts. CRM software acts as a database of your leads and customers. It’s a central hub for your salespeople to view the status of leads as they move down the sales funnel. Marketing automation, on the other hand, focuses … Read more