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The Best Kept Secrets in Customer Relationship Management

Every good business director knows how important customer relationship management is. It's all about focusing on customers’ wants, needs and experiences, and asking and answering difficult questions. Developing an understanding between yourself and your customers enables you to gain more customers, benefit from more word of mouth referrals, develop a better brand image and

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4 Time-Proven Customer Retention Strategies

As a business owner, customer retention should be top priority. Studies have shown that acquiring new customers costs around 5-7 times as much as nurturing existing ones. Factor in the potential for up-sells and cross-sells during a long-term sales relationship and it’s clear that retaining customers pays rich dividends. The question is, how do


How Your Business Can Use ERP and CRM Software to Retain Customers

Any business relies upon keeping a core of loyal customers who continually come back to purchase their goods and services. Without a solid core, firms rely on the ebbs and flows of the market, leaving them exposed when times are hard. That's why customer retention is such a huge challenge, and why investing in the