Should You Be Spending More Time On Long Term Nurture?

If someone asked you which part of sales and marketing is the most important, what would you say? Lead generation? Closing deals? Customer retention? What about long term nurture of slow leads? Leads who don’t move through the sales funnel according to your typical pipeline stages or timeframe are all-too-often left to slip through the … Read more

Why You Need A Sales CRM System

Sales should be simple, right? All you have to do is generate some leads, move them through your sales pipeline and close the deals. Sounds easy. Unfortunately, it’s often not that straightforward, especially if you don’t have a sales CRM system. Keeping track of leads can be difficult. Every lead is different. You have leads … Read more

The Sales Mindset You Need To Adopt For Success

There are different schools of thought on what makes a good sales mindset. However, our experience has taught us that a genuine interest in your prospects and customers will usually get you far. The Management Shift by Vlatka Hlupic has some greats insights into what makes a salesperson succeed. In the book, she lays out … Read more

Loss Aversion Tactics That Won’t Damage Your Brand

Our brains go to great lengths to stop us from losing things. Whether it’s losing a physical possession or missing out on a great deal, the emotional response associated with the prospect of losing something is far greater than with the prospect of gaining something. It’s known as the loss aversion tendency. Loss aversion, therefore, … Read more

Pipedrive Integrations You Need To Be Using

Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales CRM system. We use it to help our clients streamline their sales processes and reach their goals. There are a few reasons we love Pipedrive – and it’s not just because it automates repetitive tasks (though that is high up on our list!). A few reasons we love Pipedrive It’s pipeline-focused, … Read more

Are You Making These Sales Mistakes?

If you’re a salesperson or you manage a sales team, it’s frustrating when you don’t meet sales targets. Despite your best efforts, many of the things you do day in, day out, may actually be detrimental to your sales numbers! It’s easy to slip into bad habits and make sales mistakes without even realising it. Your … Read more