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Whether you’ve been in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for a decade or you started barely three years ago you’ll agree that the manufacturing process isn’t a downward slope. Sure there are times when you will feel like your job is the best in the world but at other times you feel “obliged” to do it. And that’s the feeling one has when they start feeling the pressure in their job.

The Trend

In short, there’s a trend in the industry that expresses an inevitable need for increase in uptime, utilisation, capacity and overall efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. In addition to this, what can you say about the strategies used? Your answer will be there definitely needs to be a change in how these strategies are used or complete change of strategy. Also, to survive this trend it’s certain that process optimisation is key so that each product will be operating at the maximum possible (validated) speed and ensure there’s maximum possible yield at the end of the day.

To deal with this, trusted software developers cater for your industry.  CRM software that will see you reap the benefits of being in the pharmaceutical industry and most of all ensure your job is as fun as it should be. But first let’s look at the most common problems that manufacturers like you are facing today.

Common Problems in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes: How can the CRM software help?

  • Expectations on deadlines

This’ one of the most notorious problems. It’s not easy at all to keep up and deliver to the expectations of your customers. With the current systems and strategies the process of on-boarding (which by the way involves more than meets the eye) takes too long. This leads in delays and even disappointed clients. The ultimate result is loss or decrease in profitability.

The CRM will help:  Software has a feature that will ensure you meet your deadlines and that you don’t have to lose anything through lost sales.

  • Budgeting

In any company, the sales part forms one of-if not-the biggest part in running of the firm. When it comes to pharmaceutical manufacturing, this is even more important. The ability to budget the production and distribution of these pharmaceutical products will go a long way in determine how much profit you make. And this’ a real challenge to manufacturers.

The CRM will help: The software has a feature that works with the accounting facet of your firm to make sure that the finance part is well handled.

  • Expectations on responsibilities

Who oversees the on-boarding process? Who will set the specifications on the products? Who is charged with providing the records of product manufacturing? Who will see to the approval and release of the manufactured products? Who will handle complaints by customers?

The CRM will help: The customer service processes of your business are covered with the CRM software solution.


The rapid change in the operations and the improvement in the industry over the past few years may be a blessing but if you look deeply into it you’ll realise that it has made things harder whilst making them easier. Quite paradoxical it is. See, it’s not more difficult to be the market leader, leave alone maintain the position. Standing up to competition’s a heavy task you have to deal with on a daily basis and significant profitability will be for the “chosen few”. Flowbird’s CRM implementation process is designed to help you cement control and regain your position in the industry. Get it today to raise the competitiveness of your company and boost growth.


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