Communication Case Study: Project 64

When branding and digital agency Project 64 showcase their work, it makes sense for it to be visual - after all, that’s what they do. Working alongside Project 64, we created regular communications for their customers, overall increasing their understanding of clients needs, displaying both value and commitment.


Before working with us, Project 64 lacked consistent communication with their valued customers, sending occasional emails, therefore not engaging regularly with customers, and increasing that trust. We wanted to achieve a close-knit database between ourselves and the customers. Project 64 discovered while creating in house targeted messages; prospects don’t respond because of timing. They either weren’t interested now but would be in the future, or the offers simply went unnoticed. 

So how did we help them overcome this issue? A long-term solution is key to gain positive reflects from clients. Delivering the same offers and content, or placing contacts into a database to be contacted randomly will not work.


How We Helped

Creating a Long Term Nurture campaign for Project 64 was an exciting task that we dove into with creative minds. Bearing in mind that they are in the creative industry themselves, we needed to pull out all the stops and create something striking and exciting. After discussions with Matt and the team, we had an understanding of the content they want to relay to their customers. Over a few weeks, we structured a long-term process that aligned with intuitive offers and engaging content to drive responses. When these are built thoughtfully and adhered to it encourages customers to build that trust.

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