Welcome to the CRM Consultants Assignment

The assignment is a typical requirement we may receive from a client. You have been asked to build a system where staff members have an online database to log their holidays and sick days.

First sign up for a free account here: http://bitly.com/flowbirdpaas 
For the account use your emails address and simple password that you can share . Once you have finished the assignment, send details to jasonr@flowbird.co.uk of your account. You can come back with questions if you need further clarification.

This is sample data that you can use. Note that there are two members of staff and two request types.

Example Holiday Request Data

Staff Names Date Days Type
Mary 11th Jan-15th Jan 2 Holiday
Henry 3rd Mar – 18th Mar 15 Holiday
Mary 17th Feb 1 Sick

Example Staff Data

Staff Names Email Address Password
Mary mary@test.com password1
Henry henry@test.com password1

This is an example of the Add Request Screen

This is an example of the List of Requests