Where Will CRM Be A Year From Now?

Where Will CRM Be A Year From Now?


Like any aspect of a business, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is constantly changing. The way we relate to clients and the tools we use are always developing. This means we're seeing massive changes from year to year.

It's impossible to know for sure where things will be in a year's time. However, we can make some informed guesses. One thing's for certain, customers won't be any less demanding, and firms will still gain a huge advantage by creating solid CRM processes.

Here are some things to look out for over the next year as you try to get your CRM processes into shape.

CRM Will Be Tailored to Individual Businesses

This is an emerging trend in managing customer relations. We are seeing the development of sophisticated tools that are customised for small and medium-sized firms. Expect more and more manufacturing and retail companies to adopt CRM as a key part of their operations, particularly online sales.

CRM Packages Will Become Easier to Use

In the early days, the software used in the sector was often too complex for novices to use. This is changing fast. The best systems are an off-the-shelf option that companies can easily integrate into their activities. These can be mastered in a very short time. Expect this to become even more common in the next year, as user interfaces become simpler and more powerful at the same time.

Analytics Will Become More Powerful

One of the most impressive aspects of a good CRM package is the way it allows companies to analyse their customer base. This year, we anticipate that the software will offer even more features to collect and analyse data. This includes data on customer behaviour, product sales, defective items and resource flows. With this information, serving customers well should become easier than ever.

CRM Will Fully Embrace Social Media

More and more consumers are interacting with companies via social media channels. Historically, CRM software has been lagging behind on this, but it is now catching up. The latest customer management tools allow companies to integrate all their social media channels into a single dashboard. This allows them to make announcements and deal with complaints (or other feedback) in an instant.

Mobile Optimisation Will Become a Reality

Smartphone usage is becoming almost mainstream in modern business. This includes sales teams as well as consumers. More and more sales teams are providing their staff with mobile devices to carry out their duties. CRM tools are evolving to serve mobile sales staff, thus providing them with access to databases wherever they are. With this ability, sales departments will become more dynamic and responsive than ever.

At Flowbird, we are seeing these changes happening in front of our eyes. CRM is always changing, giving companies new ways to interact with their customers. If you want to be on the cutting edge of customer relationship management, get in touch and see what our solutions can do for you.