How to Choose Project Management Software

How to Choose Project Management Software

How to Choose Project Management SoftwareAs a digital marketing agency, project management software is vital to your business. It probably forms an integral part of the tools you use to manage your agency clients.

The options for project managing your business are vast. Many companies will start with simple spreadsheets or personal task management apps to track their projects, but they're likely to grow out of these quickly. Whilst they may be reasonable solutions at first, they soon become inefficient as your teams and projects grow.

Seeing as you're reading this article, we'll assume that your current system isn't working. Before you begin considering options for new project management software, you should ask yourself some key questions:

What’s not working with your current system?

It won't take much to realise the issues with your system. Why are you embarking on the search for something new?

When using your current system, note anything that doesn't work well for you or makes things more difficult. There may be helpful features that your current system is missing. It could be a case that you need something that can manage more complex needs. It won't be long before you've rallied up a list of things to look for in a new system.

What do you need from your project management software?

A good project management solution will allow you to forecast projects, tasks and workloads. It will give you visibility on who should be doing what, when and how. Collaboration, scheduling, assigning, tracking, and deadlines are part and parcel of most project management systems. However, additional features vary from solution to solution.

As a digital marketing agency, we often advise our clients on choosing project management software. Not only can we recommend software that will improve your business processes, but we also have experience with which systems work well and which don't.


If you need to keep track of hours spent on particular projects and clients, you need something that offers a good time tracking system. Whilst many platforms offer this, you should look into the specifics of how time is tracked and recorded. You want something intuitive, user-friendly and suited to your business.

If reporting is critical to your business, look for solutions that display project progress (including a budget, timelines and invoicing) in formats that will be beneficial to you.

In an ideal world, you'd choose one solution, and it would integrate everything you need. However, solutions like this are difficult to come by. If you use third-party apps indispensable to your business, ensure your chosen project management solution integrates with them.

Future planning

If you're a growing business, you need to look ahead and forecast features you might find helpful in the future. Switching between software management platforms is timely and involves uprooting your business and training your team on the new system. Whilst it's all very well implementing a solution that offers everything you need now, it's essential to look to the future as well.

Making your decision

Many project management systems will offer trials and demos. Whilst it's tempting to commit to a plan as soon as you're sure it's right for you, we always recommend taking advantage of free trials and demos. It may take longer to choose a solution this way, but it means you can be more confident in your final decision.

Over the past few years, we've trialled several project management systems. Our favourite by far is, and we often recommend it to our clients, too. is great for keeping track of our clients, projects, and tasks as a digital marketing agency. CRM and automation features are handy for us. Having these functions integrated with our project management helps things run more smoothly.

If you want advice on choosing a project management system from a digital marketing agency, look no further than Flowbird. Give us a call today, and we can discuss which method will be best for you and if CRM and automation could be beneficial.