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A discovery call is a great place for you to start. It gives us a chance to discover more about your business and to make sure we’re going to be a good fit for each other. Before starting to work with us we need to understand your company and your current position. This enables us to build a picture of your desired outcomes and how we are going to work together.

The Discovery Process is a key phase in the beginning of a new relationship. It helps to build trust and sets the stage for any successful project. The goal is to assist you in discovering what you really want from your professional service business and to shape your perception of the best way to reach your goals. During the discovery phase, Flowbird will uncovers your needs, challenges, and desired results, which we’ll use to create an insightful, goal-oriented plan.

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Once you have requested a discovery call we will email you a list of questions that we will cover on the call.

  1. What is your target market?
  2. Do your target markets overlap at all? (overlapping interests, similar news sources, etc.)
  3. Describe in detail your best customers.
  4. Describe in detail your ideal customers.
  5. Describe in detail your worst customers.
  6. What demographics and psychographics do you have about your target market?
  1. Who is selling before or after to your ideal audience?
  2. What partnerships do you have?
  1. Do you have referral strategies in place?
  1. What is your main product? (bread and butter)
  2. What is the main source of business for your main product/service?
  3. What is your most profitable product?
  4. What is the main lead source for the most profitable product/service?
  5. What is the average customer lifetime value for your business?
  1. What are your best past marketing initiatives?
  2. What are your worst past marketing strategies?
  3. How are you tracking marketing efforts?
  4. How much of your staff or time is dedicated to marketing?
  5. Who are your competitors?
  6. What makes your unique from your competition?
  7. Why would I choose your product/service over competitor?
  8. What are some past agencies you’ve worked with for marketing?
  9. How did those engagements go?
  10. What are your offline efforts?
  11. How often do you communicate with past clients?
  12. How do you communicate with them?
  13. Have you worked on branding?
  14. What upsells do you offer?
  15. What do you spend to acquire new business?
  16. What testimonials do you have?
  17. How large is your client database?
  18. Are you using this current and past client information your marketing efforts
  1. Describe your typical sales process
  2. How many leads does it typically require to convert someone to a customer?
  3. What percentage of prospects become leads?
  4. What is your deal close rate?
  5. Do you close business on phone, email, or in-person?
  1. What would business goals are you hoping to achieve this year
  2. If you achieve these objectives, how would your business feel different?
  3. How would you determine if these business goals have been met?
  4. How would your business look different if these objectives are met?

What Does The Discovery Process Look Like?

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