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Customer Growth Discovery Process

Customer Growth Discovery Process

We will analyse the sales and marketing of a single product or service that your business sells. This analysis will reveal opportunities for improvement and provide a focus for your marketing objectives.

  • Identify a single product or service to focus on in your marketing.
  • Identify a single gap in your sales and marketing efforts to address and solve

By directly addressing the gap in your sales and marketing efforts, we will then identify a single and narrow tactic for your business. Together, we will co-create
an action plan that lays out the assets, content, tools, and skill required to execute the marketing campaign for your business.

  • Identify a single, narrow tactic to address your sales and marketing gap
  • Plan out the assets and content needed to build and launch the tactic a week later

We will use your content and assets to build the sales and marketing automation and we will test launch our tactic to a segment of your customers.

  • Build tactics and import relevant contacts
  • Test launch your sales and marketing tactic to a subset of customers

After the test launch, we will monitor the performance of your sales and marketing process through the dashboard. We will optimise your content and any other
elements of the campaign before we go for a broader launch.

  • Reporting dashboard built for main user
  • Review test launch results
  • Optimise content and processes for a broader launch

We will map your next move by reassessing your needs and developing your next Action Plan for continued success. By repeating the process, we will see incremental improvements to your business.

  • A new assessment on your business now the first tactic has launched
  • Clear Action Plan on next steps for continued progress

Marketing Automation Platform – Support Packages

Following on from the success of the Customer Growth Discovery Process we offer these optional marketing support packages:

GoodyBag Marketing Support

  • Marketing Support with any element of the Selected Marketing Automation Platform

Monthly Marketing Support (Retainer)

  • Marketing Support with any element of the Selected Marketing Automation Platform

Once a sales lead has been generated, they are automatically added to a list to receive notice of any future downloadable content pieces. At the end of the 3-step follow-up email campaign, if the lead has not engaged sufficiently to be passed through to sales via the automation process, the lead will be added to the weekly blog updates on the drip feed campaign.

At any stage in the life of the lead if they are starting to engage with the content, notification will be sent to the sales team to follow up.

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