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Would you like to achieve or even exceed your sales targets? To get started you need a plan, a sales plan that you can control. Something you can start today and if applied consistently, you’ll hit your sales targets.

Simply download the Excel Spreadsheet, answer a couple of questions, and you get the results that you can implement into your sales process today.

If you manage a sales team, then you can use this to set objective sales targets for your team that can be measured on a daily or weekly basis.

Are you a sales person looking to hit your sales targets consistently? Use the calculator to set yourself a daily goal.

The spreadsheet is easy to use, and we recommend that you reuse it on a regular basis as you begin to understand the process and need to fine tune the plan to suit your particular industry and skill sets.

Sales Pipeline Calculator
Ready to Launch?

Ready to Launch?

Get Your Sales Back on Track

Our easy-to-use Sales Pipeline Calculator will convert your sales target into a manageable plan that you can put into place today.

What Can You Learn?

What do you have control over?

You can control your activities, your phone calls, meeting and prospecting.

How can you achieve your sales targets?

A slight improvement in your close ratio will reduce the amount you need to work, but by how much?

Sales Brain for Pipeline Calculator

What simple changes do you need to make?

It knows what changes you need to make to have the most impact on your sales. You can play with the figures until the numbers work for you.

Have you upped your game?

As you start to implement the plan and the changes start to have an effect on your sales figures, reset your goals and see the impact.

Have more questions?

Do you have more questions about sales pipeline planning? Drop us a message.