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If you have an e-commerce site, you have a wealth of unmissable opportunities for communicating with your customers in real-time.

It’s unsurprising that order confirmation emails have higher open rates than other emails. Therefore, utilising these types of emails as part of your wider communications is a no-brainer. By sending emails that have a high open rate, your reputation as a sender will improve. In turn, email service providers will begin to favour your emails.

This type of success goes beyond confirmation emails; it can work for emails across each stage of the purchase cycle including promotions, order updates and post-order review emails.

Abandoned shopping carts

If you’re an e-commerce site and you’re not already using abandoned cart emails, it’s time to start now. An email reminding a customer about the items in their shopping cart can be a useful prompt to encourage them to complete the checkout process. Use dynamic emails here to substitute in times and item details.


In addition to the wealth of email opportunities you have with your e-commerce site, our CRM platforms make it easy for you to attribute which of your marketing efforts are leading to purchases on your site.