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Email Delivery

A high email delivery rate is essential for your emails to make any impact. Your communications have no value if your emails aren’t reaching your contacts’ inboxes.

Additionally, emails generally offer a high ROI – making your email communications highly valuable for your business.

It can be difficult to achieve high delivery rates when there are so many hurdles to overcome. A poor sender reputation is the main cause of poor deliverability. Contacts ignoring or deleting your emails and long-term inactive contacts can all lead to a poor reputation.

At Flowbird, we work with our clients to keep sender reputations high. We do this by auditing deliverability, optimising targeting, analysing data and checking content. We ensure that your data, emails and campaigns are set up using best-practices that promise the maximum deliverability.

After all, the more inboxes your emails reach, the higher your open rates will be. Consequently, the higher your conversion rates should be.