Why Use Email Marketing Automation?

PC Magazine:

“Email marketing software offers quick and easy tools that can help you to improve your performance.”


“Utilising automated email marketing and drip campaigns can increase your performance and your bottom line.”

The Shift In Marketing Platforms

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past five years. The platforms used have shifted massively from physical means (such as using the phone book) to being almost entirely online.

With nearly everyone having access to the internet, online marketing is a massive opportunity for businesses that should not be overlooked. One of the best and most effective ways to market your business online is email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven strategy that can boost the bottom line of any business. It builds the customer base, promotes loyalty among existing customers and it’s free.

What about the time it takes to implement an email marketing strategy for your business? Yes – it does take time. But that’s where email marketing automation software comes in. Less time and less effort – better results.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Email Marketing Automation Software

Bulk email software offers a range of solutions that many people don’t realise are available.

It can help you to attain a lot more customers and sales than you could get with a one-off newsletter or even a monthly newsletter, but do you know about all the features that it has and how to use them?

RSS Campaign

If you keep a blog or an e-com store, you can use your updates on those things to send out to your email audience by the use of the RSS Feed autofill that comes as part of most bulk email software.

Check to see if there is an option for you to create an RSS campaign and if so, you can use a lot of what you are blogging to send to your customers.


Not all of your subscribers have the same interests. Having the capacity to send blog posts to one part of your email list and website updates to another is possible with most bulk email software. Have your users give you information on their locations, different interests and products they want to know more about.

This data allows you to segment your list so that your recipients are receiving content they are actually interested in.

Speciality Emails

90% of email software systems can do a lot more than just send updates or emails to your contact list. You can create a whole welcome series of emails to send out to someone as soon as they subscribe to your system. You can even schedule something to send out to them on their birthday.

Check the features of your email software system to see what you can do.

Email Marketing Tips

Make Yourself Known

Use bulk marketing software to offer tips, advice, freebies or anything else that might be of interest to your customers. Use your email marketing to keep your name on the tips of their tongues and keep your products and services fresh in their minds.

Send Your Emails At The Right Time

Ensure your emails are being received at a time when they are most likely to be opened. Experian Marketing found that the emails that are most often opened and read are those sent between 8 PM and midnight.

Make The Most Of Your Subject Line

It is the first thing your recipients see and plays a big part in their decision on whether or not to open the email. Think about what is going to interest your recipients. For example, the subject likes incorporating phrases such as ‘Wow’ and ‘Hey You’ get an impressive opening rate of about 58-60%.

Build An Email List

One of the biggest mistakes made by email marketers is buying an email list – you are most likely to find that the contacts on these email lists do not want to be emailed. Build your own email list by encouraging website visitors to sign up for a free trial or subscribe to a newsletter. Make the most of their interest in your business and use a form to collect their email addresses and any other data you think will be useful.

Develop A Strategy

Emailing contacts without a plan is not going to get you very far. Find a method that works for your business. Offer them something free, and then boost it with a little added content – something that would be interesting to them. Have a viable strategy to use for your email marketing campaign.

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No matter what happens in the world of digital communication, there is one constant – email marketing.