Email Marketing Strategies

Customers are king in the world of inbound marketing, and it is vital to treat them well if you want to secure the greatest rewards. A key way of managing customer relationships is via databases of their email addresses, and the kind of modern email marketing championed by Flowbird can deliver impressive sales results. However, there are some things to remember whenever you adopt an email-based marketing scheme. Use email marketing to build your customer base.

Emails Strategy. Stand Out From The Crowd.

Anyone adopting an email marketing strategy needs to ensure that the material they send to clients is of high quality. All of us have received communications from companies in the spam section of their inbox, even if those messages contained important information. That’s because the filters provided with email services flagged the content as spam due to its poor quality and generic nature. Writing the right content will help avoid instant demotion to the junk pile.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued

These days, successful firms are ones that master the art of communicating with their customers. They create vibrant communities that discuss their products and offer opinions. Their content is something that the community consumes eagerly, instead of simply useless spam.

That’s why a streamlined social media strategy goes hand in hand with inbound marketing and email newsletters. We can make sure that your messages are synchronised with social media postings, making every communication as powerful and valuable as possible.

Delivery to the Inbox

Firstly, it’s important to realise the benefits of marketing via e-mail. Web-users like email. They are used to it, they can customise their inbox to filter out spam, and it’s an instant way to communicate with suppliers. If you offer regularly updated services and want to establish long-lasting, dynamic relationships with clients, keeping in touch via email is a must.

Tailor Emails to Each Individual Client

Keeping in touch with contacts is crucial if you want to create a loyal customer base. Flowbird offers a range of services to help make this happen.

Many businesses like to provide their customers with regular email updates about their new products, promotions, and recent blog or social media postings. A well-written, informative email is a great way to touch base with your clients and whet their appetite for your product range.

We can help design and write emails that read well and draw the attention of customers. They will have snappy headlines, eye-catching openings, and contain information that your customers are interested in, instead of useless content of no value to the reader.

Your email won’t just be attractive and readable. They will also be tightly linked to your social media presence and blogs, so that everything is connected and your content gains as much exposure as possible.

Email Delivery

high email delivery rate is essential for your emails to make any impact. Your communications have no value if your emails aren’t reaching your contacts’ inboxes. Additionally, emails generally offer a high ROI – making your email communications valuable for your business.

It can be difficult to achieve high delivery rates when there are so many hurdles to overcome. Poor sender reputation is the main cause of poor deliverability. Contacts ignoring or deleting your emails and long-term inactive contacts can all lead to a poor reputation.

At Flowbird, we work with our clients to keep sender reputations high. We do this by auditing deliverability, optimising targeting, analysing data and checking content. We ensure your data, emails and campaigns are set up using best-practices that promise maximum deliverability. After all, the more inboxes your emails reach, the higher your open rates will be. Consequently, the higher your conversion rates should be.

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns That Really Work

Getting through to contacts can be hard work. We are experts in converting personal information into lasting customer relationships, via well-crafted and personalised email marketing campaigns.

Using our databases and automation solutions, businesses can divide their contact lists into different demographics. You can create different email campaigns for different customers using various segments: different campaigns for younger and older customers, different campaigns for customers in different regions, and even different campaigns for customers who have made different purchases.

With that information, businesses can target the customers who are most likely to pay-off, and cultivate others sensitively, with a personal touch.

How to Avoid the Trash

At Flowbird, we can advise anyone marketing via email about how to encourage potential customers to click on your messages. Generally, about 80% of B2B emails will go unopened and be trashed immediately, so getting this step right is crucial. Choosing the right email subject lines is important, as is timing your messages well. If they have just signed up, it makes sense to interact immediately. Good times to interact after this would be after the customer makes a purchase or when you publish informative blog postings. With a sophisticated inbound marketing strategy, this precise timing can allow you to tailor your emails to each unique customer.

What goes into your messages is just as important as how they are presented. Always make it clear who you are and why the message is important. The first couple of sentences should provide a friendly introduction and the service on offer, so that the reader knows that you are credible and worth engaging with.

Humour can work well, but can also be a huge turn off when establishing your credentials, so use it sparingly. Don’t waffle either. Use short, punchy sentences with value on every line. Also, don’t forget to include a call to action and a way for the customer to interact. Every email is part of the sales funnel and should connect to your sales pages with ease.


If you have an e-commerce site, you have many opportunities to communicate with your customers in real-time. It’s unsurprising that order confirmation emails have higher open rates than other emails. Therefore, utilising these types of emails as part of your wider communications is a "no-brainer". By sending emails with a high open-rate, your reputation as a sender will improve. In turn, email service providers will begin to favour your emails.

This type of success goes beyond confirmation emails; it can work for emails across each stage of the purchase cycle, including promotions, order updates and post-order review emails.

Abandoned shopping carts

If you’re an e-commerce site and you’re not already using abandoned cart emails, it’s time to start now. An email reminding a customer about the items in their shopping cart can be a useful prompt to encourage them to complete the checkout process. Use dynamic emails here to substitute in times and item details.


In addition to the wealth of email opportunities you have with your e-commerce site, our CRM platforms make it easy for you to attribute which of your marketing efforts are leading to purchases on your site.

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No matter what happens in the world of digital communication, there is one constant – email marketing.