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Email Marketing

Tailor Emails to Each Individual Client

Tailor Newsletters to Each Individual Client

Keeping in touch with contacts is crucial if you want to create a loyal customer base, and Flowbird offers a range of services to help make this happen.

Many businesses like to provide their customers with regular email updates about their new products, promotions and recent blog or social media postings. A well-written, informative email is a great way to touch base with your clients, and to whet their appetite for your product range.

We can help to design and write emails that read well and draw the attention of customers. They will have snappy headlines, eye-catching openings and contain information that your customers are interested in, instead of useless content of no value to the reader.

Your email won’t just be attractive and readable. They will also be tightly linked to your social media presence and blogs, so that everything is connected and your content gains as much exposure as possible.

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns That Really Work

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns That Really Work

Getting through to contacts can be hard work. We are experts in converting personal information into lasting customer relationships, via well-crafted and personalised email marketing campaigns.

Using our databases and automation solutions, firms can divide up their contact lists into different demographics. You can create different email campaigns for different customers using a variety of different segmentations: different campaigns for younger and older customers, different campaigns for customers in different regions and even different campaigns for customers who have made different numbers of purchases. With that information, firms can target the customers who are most likely to pay-off, and cultivate others sensitively, with a personal touch.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued 

Make Your Customers Feel Valued

These days, successful firms are ones that master the art of communicating with their customers. They create vibrant communities that discuss their products and offer opinions. Their content is something that the community consumes eagerly, instead of simply useless spam.

That’s why a streamlined social media strategy goes hand in hand with inbound marketing and email newsletters. We can make sure that your messages are synchronised with social media postings, making every communication as powerful and valuable as possible.

Implement a CRM Strategy for Smooth Customer Relations

Implement a CRM Strategy for Smooth Customer Relations.

A key part of the challenge of creating a community is keeping in touch with your customer base. Flowbird offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package to do just that. With CRM processes in place, any queries can be automatically flagged up for support staff to deal with. Staff can receive automatic alerts when they need to contact key clients, and any invoices or orders will be processed efficiently.

Getting the underlying CRM processes right is essential when creating an inbound marketing campaign, and we have the experience and tools to put everything in place for your business. With the right newsletters, email messaging campaigns, social media strategy and CRM systems in place, your firm will be well placed to maximise its sales leads and turn them into sustainable revenues.

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