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Growing Your Database

Without a database of contact details, your business won’t be going far. You need to attract prospective customers to give you their details, in return for emails, content and other communications that are of value to them.

Once you’ve grown a decent database, you’ve got a lot of powerful data at your disposal. You need to use this wisely and make the most of it to engage and retain your contacts.

The ultimate goal is a balancing act between growing your list of contacts, whilst only sending to people who are interested in your business and communications.


There are many tactics and methods you can use to grow your database. We can help you put together a strategy that will have your contact numbers increasing in no time.

Using the following techniques, you can grow both your contact numbers and the amount of information you have about them.

Data capture forms on your website and social media pages are the most common ways to collect contact information. These are the places your contacts are most likely to be attracted to visit. Use eye-catching, easy-to-use forms and put them in places that are most likely to catch your visitors’ attention.

Subscription confirmation emails work well to keep your database clean. They ensure that your subscribers genuinely want to receive your communications.

Another method is to include ‘share on social media’ links when a contact signs up for downloadable content. This encourages your contacts to spread the word of your company, and increases the number of form fills with minimum effort.

Using text data capture across your offline channels can help attract further audiences in-store and by direct mail. Additionally, custom QR codes on your advertising materials can widen your reach even further.


Growing a wealthy database of contacts is only the first part of the job. You need to keep your data accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that you’re not sending emails that don’t want to be received.

Luckily for you, many email service providers will automatically deal with unsubscribes and hard bounces.

You should encourage your contacts to update their details and preferences. Not only will this keep your data clean, it will mean you can continue to send tailored and personalised emails to your contacts.

You work hard to grow your contact database and losing subscribers is never a nice feeling. However, it’s important to remember that unsubscribes are not a bad thing. Yes, perhaps they are not enjoying your communications, but it’s better for them to unsubscribe than to mark your emails as spam.


Once you’ve got a wealth of recent, accurate information on your contacts, you need to do something with it. In order to retain your customers, you need to use their details to send them interesting, personalised communications.

We can help you retain your customers through well-crafted campaigns that deliver value to your contacts.

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