How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing

How to Be More Time Effective With Your Online Marketing

Great marketing doesn’t have to take huge amounts of your time. When you know what works and what doesn’t, you can streamline your efforts and make more of an impact.

Much of your written content can be repurposed across different platforms, from social media to email marketing. This saves you the time and energy that you can put into other tasks.

We have all been taught that success comes from the hustle. But in truth, working smarter takes you further than working harder. And a little creativity can go a long way.

Here are 5 creative time-saving hacks for your digital marketing.

1. Repurpose across social platforms

Something you may not realise is that nobody is seeing everything you post.

Often, business owners feel that they have to keep on coming up with something brand new to post. But in truth, and largely due to the way that social media algorithms work, people aren’t seeing your posts often enough.

So you can very safely reuse some posts on the same platform. And of course, it saves a huge amount of time if you copy and paste from one platform to the other.

So post on LinkedIn, then copy and paste that same text into Facebook. This will work well on Instagram too – just make sure you have a square image for that post.

The point here is to give yourself a break. Use your creativity to write one interesting post, and then reuse it to make it go further.

2. Schedule smarter on social

One place where you can safely share the same marketing material over and over again is on Twitter. Algorithms don’t work in the same way here as on other platforms. Twitter is still very much a fast-flowing stream of content that comes out in real-time.

What this means for you, is that you can post the same things repeatedly without spamming your followers. Very few people will see your posts; you blink and they are gone.

You can use a tool like Social Jukebox to create a stock of ready-made Tweets, all linking to your marketing material. Using short snippets of text, paired with an eye-catching image. Then you can link to landing pages, blog posts, or videos for example.

Set your ‘Jukebox’ (set of ready-made Tweets) to keep posting all day, every day. If you leave this running for a while, you will begin to see your ReTweets and link clicks growing.

This is especially true if you use humour in your digital marketing. Funny Tweets do very well for getting follows and shares.  Check out some examples here.

3. Create your own brand kit with free online tools

Have you got your branding sorted? Once your logo, brand colours, fonts and header images are designed, you can add them to templates so all your digital assets are ready to go.

For example, you could design your logo with a free tool like, then upload it to and use it in a range of templates. You can set these templates up with your choice of brand colours and fonts.

This takes care of graphics for your social media posts, for your email marketing, and thumbnails for any video marketing you produce. Now you can create endless versions of all these digital assets in a very small amount of time. 

4. Make your email marketing visual and fun

How much time are you spending on creating your email marketing content? If you keep your emails newsletters brief, light and fun, you will both save time and keep your readers more engaged.

We are taught to believe that more means better. But actually, most people are time-poor and want a quick read. So don’t spend time writing long emails that people won’t read anyway.

Try a fun approach. Have a theme like #FunFactFriday or embed your latest Instagram images into the email. Give people a smile when they open your email, and they will want to keep opening them.

Need some inspiration? Check out Sumo’s list of 30 brilliant email marketing examples. What they all have in common is that they are succinct, visual and friendly.

5. Batch your content creation

This last tip is more of a ‘how’ than a ‘what’. One of the reasons that small business owners spend so much time on digital marketing is that they procrastinate on creating content.

Try being a little stricter with yourself and take a time-blocking approach to your marketing. Set aside a couple of 2-3 hour time blocks per week, and really focus. Don’t look at your phone, don’t answer emails, and don’t pop out for a coffee.

Creating batches of content, perhaps by following a content calendar that you planned earlier, can really help with that focus. Set yourself a target, such as to completely set up one ad campaign, or to write and schedule one month’s worth of marketing emails. Then sit down and create.

When you can get yourself to focus, you can get a lot more done in much less time. And it feels fantastic to check some work off your list.

If you can sit still for long enough, you might even find yourself in that revered creative flow state, where productivity just happens for you. Give it a go.

Saving time doesn’t have to mean producing less marketing content. It can just mean approaching how you create that content in a more flexible way. Allow yourself to reuse content across different platforms. Remember that none of your audience will see all of your posts anyway.

Bringing a little fun to your digital marketing content will make it more enjoyable for you as well as for your audience. So don’t be afraid to use a little humour where appropriate.

And of course, create your marketing content in batches whenever possible. When you can get your head down and focus, the workflows and gets finished faster.