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Lead Capture: Using your website to capture leads

Successful ecommerce is all about capturing leads and turning them into revenue. Attracting customers and persuading them to make a purchase should be the core aim of any marketing website, but there are a number of best practices that anyone trying to maximise their lead capture should bear in mind.

Make forms highly visible and build your site around them

Forms are one of the most popular ways to capture leads online, and this can be an extremely effective way of drawing in customers, but it can have its pitfalls as well.
Website owners need to ensure that the whole page is geared towards focusing attention on the form. Unless visitors enter their information, no leads can be generated, so it is vital that customers are directed to the form itself, and quickly. Don’t tuck it away so that visitors will need to scroll down. Have the form in full view, and make it as easy to complete as possible.

Strike a balance between information and ease of use

The size of the form is also crucial. Put yourself in the place of a potential lead. When you visit a site, do you want to be asked to input large amounts of text? Probably not, but if you are engaged by the product and are a serious buyer, you might be willing to spend some time filling out answers to well written questions.
Remember that short answers will provide lower quality information. From a lead capture perspective, more information means higher quality customer engagement, but this needs to be offset by keeping the form easy to use.
Oh, and be sure to include certain key elements such as e-mail address and name. It’s surprising how easy it can be to leave out crucial but basic information like that.

Give something back to customers

It is vital to establish a relationship between your firm and every customer who is likely to make a purchase, so consider putting in place “rewards” to show that you are actively considering their needs. What you give them in thanks for signing up is up to you. It could be a weekly expert newsletter, useful video content for subscribers or even sample products. The key thing is to deliver something that is relevant to their needs and isn’t seen as a token gift to entice a purchase.
This can be tiered depending on the quality of the lead. For example, when a customer shows definite interest, either via an enquiry or an initial purchase, you might give them a free eBook, or discounts on future purchases. The aim is to turn them from a mere lead into a repeat customer, so anything which maintains their brand loyalty is a must.
At Flowbird, we specialise in providing the tools that SMEs need to capture their fair share of leads. We can advise about how to nurture those leads into long-term customers, and generate fresh leads all the time. With our help, you can manage and retain a thriving customer base, raising profits and perfecting your brand at the same time.

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