convert visitors into leads

Lead Conversion: How to Convert Visitors into Leads

convert visitors into leads

How to Convert Visitors into Leads

Attracting large amounts of traffic to your business website is an outstanding achievement. However, you need to convert visitors into leads at a high rate to be successful.

Whether you're running an e-commerce site or a lead generation site, there are specific lead conversion strategies that help convert visitors into leads.

Ask yourself: "What do I want visitors on my website to do?" Do you want them to contact you directly? Or is the goal to capture their interest and get their contact details? Once you know this, you can tailor your web presence accordingly.

Case Studies

Whatever your business offers, it helps to show visitors the practical benefits they could get from you. There is nothing more compelling than a real-life story about how your product or service helped another business grow.

Customer testimonials

Business owners are likely to be wary of the claims you make on your website. However, a detailed testimonial from a real customer can be a powerful endorsement of your business.

If your testimonial is genuine and backed up with basic contact details, you will instil trust in your visitors. Include their name and a photo, as well as details of the organisation that benefited from your company's efforts. This should help towards the process of turning them into customers.

Talk to your customers directly.

Too many businesses rely on generic information for their website visitors, but this can leave some visitors feeling like they're being talked at rather than being spoken to on an individual basis. Identify your target customers, and compose text and creative content that communicates directly with them.

Give visitors value

One of the worst mistakes you can make with your website is to rely on sales-oriented content to engage potential customers. Visitors who are given access to helpful information and premium content from the outset are far more likely to engage than those sold to when they arrive on a landing page.

You can give visitors value by including ebooks, videos, demos and buyer's guides on your website. Giving visitors access to some essential resources will win their trust. You'll be more likely to be able to convert visitors into leads.

Flowbird can help you give visitors value by providing you with targeted content creation, analysis of your website, and creating social media marketing campaigns.

Include a call-to-action to convert visitors into leads

You have to make it clear to all your visitors that they need to perform a specific action to access more information.

Make your call-to-action clear, evident and concise. This could involve making a phone call, providing an email address or completing an online questionnaire. You might also want visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter.

Direct visitors to a specific landing page

It would help if you tailored your landing pages solely to capture leads. It should include lots of white space, a list of the benefits available and straightforward instructions on what to do next. Keep 'exit points' from the page to a minimum so that your visitors' focus remains on the key message you're trying to get across.

Building a website that generates traffic is a great start, but to grow your business with new customers, you need to convert that traffic to leads, which is where Flowbird comes in.

We specialise in lead conversion by automating online marketing and customer relationship management. We are a one-stop shop for marketing websites and companies online, helping you win new customers and keep existing ones.

Tracking your sales data through lead management software is also vital to increasing lead conversion—platforms such as Pipedrive help sales teams track and close deals without spending hours filling out forms.