Managed Services

Our managed service offerings are pre-paid hours that can be used anytime across and within a month period. Work requests are made via our online portal and will be allocated as soon as possible. Our portal can be used to track progress on requested work and itemised time logs are available on request. There are 4 types are of options available. The more hours you purchase, the lower the hourly rate. There is no long term obligation.

Package 3

£225per month
  • 3 Hours per month on any aspect of your CRM or marketing automation package
  • (£225 + 20% tax)

Package 6

£420per month
  • 6 Hours per month on any aspect of your CRM or marketing automation package
  • (£420 + 20% tax)

Package 12

£780per month
  • 12 Hours per month on any aspect of your CRM or marketing automation package
  • (£780 + 20% tax)

Package 24

£1,440per month
  • 24 Hours per month on any aspect of your CRM or marketing automation package
  • (£1440 + 20% tax)

All services are delivered remotely. On-site services are invoiced at an extra £30 per hour plus 45p per mile travel. Excess work is charged at your current hourly rate package.

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle

By bridging the gap between sales and marketing, our goal is to increase the conversion at each stage of the sales process by 10%, so once fully implemented the compound increase in sales could reach 50% increase in sales. The goal is to build the perfect customer sales cycle, ensuring that every lead, prospect and customer is managed professionally and does not fall through the gaps.

The planning stage involves looking at your sales process, from attracting visitors to your website through to up-selling existing customers and asking for referrals.

To build the complete perfect customer sales process takes time and you may want to spread the process of several months. The end result is the same, the difference is how long you want the complete process to take.

The Perfect Customer Lifecycle helps paint a picture of your overall marketing campaign. A well-developed lifecycle shows your communication touch points with a customer through the key stages of interaction with your business:

Convert Sales

This is the most vital part of the sales process – the moment money is exchanged. If online, this process takes place through an eCommerce platform. If you are still closing most customers on the phone or face-to-face, remember it typically takes five or more sales calls to close a deal. As such, keep sales teams on track with a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool in which they can measure progress. The data on what drives customers to conversions is invaluable!

Get Referrals

We are all more likely to do business with someone we are introduced to through a mutual acquaintance. This process can go viral with review sites allowing reviewers to connect despite different social networks. Solicit reviews and referrals instead of waiting to get feedback. Always make the effort to thank referrals appropriately. We build a referral process that bypasses the sales person’s reticence to ask directly.

Capture Leads

If a customer buys on their very first trip to your site, great! However, chances are, if the majority of your traffic was doing that, you wouldn’t be needing our help, would you? What is happening to those that don’t purchase? Before they float away, get valuable information you can use to market to your prospects by placing a form in front of your compelling content, like ebooks. Keep in mind the offer must have value, whether informational or monetary (i.e. coupons) for a lead to part with their email. Also, forms should never be mind-numbingly long.

Upsell Customers

Most of us know that 80% of profits come from the top 20% of customers. Not surprisingly, repeat customers reduce marketing costs and have the potential to be lifelong patrons. Do not neglect the relationship you took so long to build. Check-in from time to time and offer new services or relevant specials via automated emails. We will look to build upsell and cross-sell campaigns to grow your revenue.

Deliver & WOW!

You have assured your customer that you are the best to do business with, now prove it. Be on time, meet deadlines, and offer discounts on future purchases. Fantastic service is your best marketing tool. A welcome onboard campaign can enhance the relationship, provide additional information and overcome buyer’s remorse. This is also an opportunity to ensure that everything is okay and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Nurture Prospects

“Nurturing” prospects means keeping the lines of communication open, building a relationship until the prospect is ready to buy. After all, according to research by The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Keep in mind that appropriate timing and personalisation keep the recipient from feeling spammed. The campaign should maintain regular contact but notify the sales team as soon as a long-term prospect expresses interest.

Ready to talk?

It’s time to nurture your leads more effectively, increase your revenue and grow your customer base.