The Many Virtues of Inbound Marketing

The Many Virtues of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Should you convert your sales focus to inbound marketing?

That’s the killer question that saw the rise in inbound marketing and customer relationship management.

At Flowbird, we love leading companies to success through inbound marketing. Despite being a relatively young concept, it’s full of innovative ideas and strategies that are knocking old-fashioned marketing techniques off the shelf.

Inbound marketing has a simple aim: to capture sales leads through innovative yet unobtrusive methods.

Sounds simple – right?

In actuality, it requires an expert eye to create sales funnels and systems that will not only ignite interest in your leads, but also lead them to close.

If your customer base is responding to inbound marketing, it’s time to make the change. By focusing on their online behaviours, you can draw in new leads through various platforms including search engines, landing pages, social media and emails.

Connect with these potential leads by focusing on their interests: offer content such as downloads, infographics and blog posts. Such cues and information will generate and engage leads, instilling into them an interest in doing business with you.

Inbound marketing is not about blindly throwing advertisements into the cyber-sphere or selling them to media outlets. Instead, it’s about working with data on your website visitors and determining which of them are likely to become repeat customers.

Following this, you’ll need to design tailored marketing strategies for your different customer categories, turning your leads into sales gold.

The elements of an effective marketing strategy

Choosing the right system

One of the most important elements of your inbound marketing strategy is using the right system. We prefer InfusionSoft and it's the best fit for the majority of our clients. It lays the foundations for customer relationship management and sales funnel creation.

With the basics in place, the next step is to design sales funnels. These need to be tailored to your business and customers, appealing as dynamically as possible to the web users you’re trying to attract. Sales funnels encourage users to interact with your business through enticements that lead them to online forms.

The importance of content

Once you’ve established a connection, the responsibility falls on your content.

Effective content management requires the timely creation of engaging texts which subtly promote your business. The aim is to offer your leads interesting, useful information – not just bombard them with hard sales and marketing.

Never stop working on your SEO

It is also vital to ensure that all pages are search-engine optimised to ensure optimal visibility on major search engines.

With inbound marketing, the job is never complete. To be successful, you need to be constantly auditing and improving your SEO and inbound techniques. This ensures you’re always putting your best foot forwards when it comes to capturing your leads’ attention.

Customer relationship management is key

Last but not least, inbound marketing uses customer relationship management to introduce further ways of maintaining customer loyalty.

In order to best target and engage your customers, you’ll need to analyse their purchase trends. With this data at hand, you can continue to market to your customers with updates and promotions, in ways that are most likely to interest them.

Additionally, you can ensure you are targeting those customers most likely to make repeat purchases.

From awareness to purchase, Flowbird can assist

At Flowbird, we are experts in using the latest inbound marketing techniques.

Our packages include everything from blogs and CRM systems to SEO optimisation.

We can deliver strong revenue growth for small companies and larger enterprises alike, so it’s well worth exploring what inbound marketing can do for you.