Marketing automation software is a powerful tool to automate your sales, CRM, marketing and business processes.

There are systems to suit every business’s processes and goals.

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All companies are different and your marketing requirements are unique. We’ve handpicked a range of platforms to cover all bases.

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Marketing automation

“What’s great about ActiveDEMAND is that it’s not trying to be a CRM system. It’s a specialised marketing automation platform and that really is what it does best. The feedback and reporting functions are a real selling point.”

Jason Rainbird, Director, Flowbird

UK ActiveDemand Partner
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Supercharge your marketing efforts through streamlined campaign management, campaign recipes and attribution reporting.

Streamline your business by integrating ActiveDEMAND with other sales and marketing applications.

ActiveDEMAND’s set of capabilities, features, options and tools make it one of the most versatile integrated marketing platforms.


Sales CRM

“I love Pipedrive CRM because it’s built specifically for salespeople. It’s so easy to manage leads because you can see exactly where they are in the sales pipeline.”

Jason Rainbird, Director, Flowbird 

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No matter your company’s needs, Pipedrive has the features to help you become more effective in your sales process.

Pipedrive is a sales CRM software that helps you organise and manage contacts, activities and information while developing good sales habits.

By making client interactions consistent and measurable, Pipedrive helps salespeople stay on top of all their deals.


Marketing automation

“ActiveCampaign is a fantastic option for small businesses wanting a complete CRM and marketing automation solution. The automation functions are excellent and it’s really easy to get started.”

Jason Rainbird, Director, Flowbird

ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants
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A sales CRM that reveals customer insight. Your valuable customer data will be organised and actionable.

Discover what each contact wants and deliver the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.

Automatically consolidate your communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

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