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The name of the game in business today is growth.

customer-relationsSmall to mid-sized companies who are not embracing new ideas and new technology are typically not gaining the sales they need to grow. Technology and growth go hand in nearly every business in the world.

Every business –including yours–needs to bring in new leads in order to keep their sales flowing. Every business needs to give quality customer service in order to make repeat sales and retain their customers.

Every business–including yours– can do that efficiently and cost effectively using the benefits to be found in inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Using your own well written and well targeted content, you can create the kind of sales funnel that you’ve always dreamed of. You can bring in your customers to your own pages where you can show them the benefits of your products and services and explain why a CRM can serve them well when it comes to customer service.

Why Automation? What’s in it For Me?

As a customer you’ve probably wondered many times exactly what the big deal is about inbound marketing and automation. The reality is that you’re probably spending more than you need to be and getting less than you should be getting.

Marketing automation can save time, can save money, and can net you the business that you need to grow as a company. Automation makes companies more productive. The bottom line is that automation is the wave of the future. You either ride the wave or you sink.

What Can a CRM Offer?

Customer relationships are difficult to build and must be carefully nurtured. A CRM allows you to do that. It can send out marketing messages and even wish your clients a happy birthday. It can bring in new customers and can help you to repeat a sale to those customers that are already in the fold. Learn more about their buying patterns from the data that you keep.

Market more effectively because you know when they buy, what they buy, and how much they normally spend based on the data that you’ve been gathering from their past purchases and interactions.

Flowbird can help you to lower the cost of your marketing. In addition, we are experts at finding ways to help you to increase the effectiveness and scope of your marketing and to improve your customer retention. If your current marketing methodology isn’t putting your company where you want it to be, Flowbird has a better way. Call today.

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About the Author:

Jason is passionate about Intelligent Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. He is a great believer in Zig Zigler's theory: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want".

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