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New features of Pipedrive CRM

You really can't afford to rest on your laurels in customer relationships as a business owner. So good CRM technology is essential for managing your interactions with your current customers - and potential new ones! A decent CRM system will help you build those customer relationships and streamline your business processes to increase your sales, profitability and improve customer service.

In essence, a good CRM will help you grow your business by improving business relationships across every interaction, including during marketing, sales, and, as we've mentioned, when dealing with your customers.

Enter Pipedrive, the very first CRM platform made for salespeople by salespeople. Drawing on over 40 years of combined experience in sales, the founders created a CRM tool that focuses on activity-based selling and included loads of clever, easy-to-use features.

So far, so awesome - but it gets better. Since October 2021, Pipedrive has had several exciting updates.
But what are they? And how will they benefit your business?

Prospector Credits

Quality leads are all-important when you're running a business. Pipedrive CRM now makes that even easier for LeadBooster subscribers by offering ten free prospector credits each month.

Yes, each month.

These prospector credits will help your business by revealing the contact information of your target customers.


You can use these free credits to uncover emails, direct phone numbers and social media accounts from a database of over 400 million profiles. The best bit is, you don't have to jump through hoops - or do anything to get these free prospector credits. If you're a LeadBooster subscriber, they've already been added to your subscription so that you can get started straight away.

Hungry for more? Well, Pipedrive gives you the option to add additional credits as and when you want - either as a one-off transaction or repeatedly. If you decide to go for option two, it's worth knowing that the more credits you add, the cheaper it will be. The benefits to your business are apparent: instantly connect with your target market and potentially increase your customer base and profits.



Unlimited Access To Scheduler

LeadBooster users get unlimited access to Pipedrive's popular Scheduler tool - and that's regardless of what plan you're currently on!

If you're not already using Scheduler, you and your business are missing out. The tool does what it says on the tin, allowing you to schedule meetings with your leads by sending them calendar links showing your availability via Live Chat or Chatbot. You'll also be able to send calendar links via email to follow up conversations.

As soon as your lead has chosen an available meeting time from your calendar, the meeting is automatically synced to your calendar - or your salespeople's calendar- and saved as an activity in your account.


Again, the benefits are apparent - the whole process of following leads is streamlined, saving you time and, ultimately, money.

View All Your Leads

If switching between the Activities and Leads tabs to check what your activity relates to is a pain in the proverbial, you'll be glad to know that you no longer have to do that from the back-end of this year.

Pipedrive has updated its CRM so that you can see your associated leads in the Activities list - giving you more context in your upcoming activities. Yet another great, convenient, time-saving function.

Another nifty minor extra this update gives you is that when a lead (hopefully!) becomes a deal, you quickly and easily select your activity, unlink 'lead' and choose 'convert to deal', placing it conveniently in the Deals View.


Anything that's going to allow you to smoothly transition from lead to lead to deal with minimum effort and fuss is a huge bonus and one that can only benefit your business - time is money, and this is yet another update that's going to save you buckets of both.

Customisation Options

Pipedrive's latest Insights update allows you to manage your reports and dashboards from a customisable section within Insights. It makes it easier for sales managers and reps, who have many reports, to find the data they need.

You'll be able to customise your section to rename sections and organise all your data in a way that suits your business needs, making them easier to navigate - as well as delete old reports in bulk.

Protect Your Account From Data Breach

Every business knows the importance of protecting their company data. With Pipedrive's two-factor authentication feature, you can add an extra layer of security to your data.

Don't worry; it's not a great big faff - it simply involves one more, quick and simple step in your login process. Pipedrive will send you an email with a verification link that gives you access to your account when you log in. They'll also let you know where the login request has come from - preventing undesirables from accessing your valuable information.


And so there you have it, significant updates to what is probably the best CRM system around. Keep your business one step ahead of the competition by ensuring your data is protected, your processes are streamlined, and your time is spent wisely - and the rest will be history.

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