Odoo CRM – Is it any good?


To kick off with the very basics, we shall start by defining what Odoo is. It is a collection of business management software programs. The software is well-tailored to fit the business community because of its numerous activities that need proper management.

The suite of programs was first released for public use in February 2005. That is roughly 16 years ago, and the software is still making waves in the business sector. Back in the year 2005, it was named Open ERP SA but shortly after, it was named Odoo CRM. The renaming brought forth a new brand that was improved.

The program suite consists of software that fit the following areas:

• Accounting
• Billing
• Warehouse management
• E-commerce
• Inventory management

Those are just a few areas one could use this software for.

Since its inception into the market back in 2005, Odoo has received numerous commendations for being the best at what they do. Some of the awards include:

• Delloite Technology
• Trends Gazelle
• Bossie award (2014)

As the years progressed, in 2013, a not-for-profit community association was formed. The company arranged it to encourage a collaborative development model of its features.
Many freelancer developers and software programmers have taken up the task and made some apps for Odoo. They are then put out in the market place to be downloaded or sold.

Additionally, many learning institutions have integrated Odoo into their information communication systems. It has seen them realise great potential by providing eLearning platforms to their students and community members.

The software suite has been coded using python, java, and XML. Additionally, they can run in many operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, and many others.

After that brief history, let us now look at some merits of using the Odoo CRM suite.

1. User-friendly interface

If you have interacted with Odoo’s website, you must have seen their dashboard. It is straightforward to navigate, and there are no complex features on the site. Odoo also, use simple English and minimal technical terms. Basically, anyone can use the suite.

2. Provides insights and data analysis

As the suite is mostly made for business organisations, they have embedded numerous data analysis programs. The programs track all your business transactions and how you engage with your clientele.

After studying how you conduct your business, it will provide you with helpful insights to better your business.

3. Event planner

Odoo CRM has an activity management feature. The feature allows you to set all your meetings and daily activities. You will get a notification when these activities are due, making the software more than just an assistant.

After you are done with the day’s business, you will also get notifications reminding you to follow up on a certain matter you had left pending. Such a feature will help you maintain close touch with your clients.

4. Provides comprehensive log information

After the system is set up, you will have access to your team; now, you may need to bring a new member on board after some time. The new member of staff needs to be updated on the company’s database.

Odoo CRM keeps detailed employees’ history and all other activities. Such information is crucial because it betters accessibility and communication, which improves the relationship between management and employees.

5. Client management

Many companies face the problem of keeping up with their clients. Many clients tend to change their contacts over time, and this becomes a challenge. Odoo CRM will inform you when your clients change their contacts and update your client’s profile.

Lastly, here are some demerits of using the software suit:

1. Freelancers have a hard time developing new programs for Odoo because of the many languages used to come up with the suite.

2. The pre-defined modules limit creativity. Many developers cannot go beyond the limitations of the set modules.

3. If the system gets a virus or malware, rectifying the problem can be very hard (Although regular back-ups are made).

Wrapping up

Generally, Odoo CRM is a good business management software suite that will serve you in the long-run. It will help you stay one step ahead of things and give you the much-needed control over your business.

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