CRM Consulting Services

Simplify Your Business Processes

Our CRM consultancy is ultimately designed to help you grow your business by simplifying your processes and reducing the different platforms you use. On average, clients were using somewhere between 5 and 10 different systems to run their businesses. In most cases, we can reduce this down to 2 or 3, which dramatically impacts the business and costs.




Focus the Requirement: 

Having reviewed the requirements, it is now time to define the exact processes and stages required for implementation. This process ensures no project creep and that the project is on time and to budget.

Build a model:

A picture paints a thousand words, and the same is true with an CRM implementation. Mocking up a prototype for you to review and test helps gain an understanding of your requirements. 

Business Analysis and Kickoff:

First, we need to understand your business and your vision. To coin a phrase we "start with the end in mind". Using mind mapping software and our GAP analysis technology, we document your requirements and split this into 3 stages, essential, desirable and future requirements.

Custom Deployment:

Depending on your requirement, we may need to carry out some customisation to your Odoo platform. In most instances, we try and keep this to a minimum to keep the costs down and reduce the complexity of the deployment. 

Deployment and UAT: 

The final stage before going live is to deploy the system enabling you to carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT). We help users work through specific tasks and processes relevant to their roles. Once this is complete, a Go Live date is agreed upon.

GoLive and Support:

The platform is now live, and the system is operational. We will continue to provide support and ad-hoc training for users. Once you are confident that everything is fully functional, we move to normal support.

Is it time to systematise your business and become more effective, increase your revenue and grow your customer base?