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Odoo: the automation system for your business

Using this cloud-based software, we’ll help you manage all your client work in one place. It’ll help make your business more profitable, whilst keeping you less stressed. It’s the complete platform that you’ve always wanted.

Easy-to-use, automated and intelligent, Odoo lets you run your entire business in the cloud. Experience the most streamlined, integrated, and powerful automation software that allows you to easily connect all the moving parts of your business in one cloud-based platform.

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Who is Odoo ideal for?

Digital & Creative Agencies, Information Technology Companies, Business Consulting Firms, Engineering Companies, Legal Services, Accountants, Architecture & Property Management, PR Agencies

Why choose Odoo?

We recommend Odoo to our clients because it offers a radical new IT solution which enables your company to automate your operations via the cloud.

The Odoo platform seeks to cover the entire business operations spectrum, including crucial business areas like sales, project management, retainer management and customer relationship management.

Another benefit of Odoo is how the system promotes collaborative working. When operations are streamlined and integrated, your staff can easily share information and keep track of things like project progress, whilst managers can achieve an instant overview of business operations.

Automation is key to Odoo. With its cloud-based tools, your business can automate processes like invoice generation, reducing the risk of human error and allowing staff to be deployed in a more effective and productive manner.

Odoo allows you to move your client interactions into the cloud, removing the need to manage your own IT infrastructure. This boots the quality of client management practices and reduces overheads.

We find that Odoo is particularly popular with small businesses because it integrates seamlessly with the other apps such as Odoo Accounting App and Odoo Email Marketing App, Odoo Event Management App and eCommerce App. Many small businesses rely on for marketing, payment processing and sales.

Working with a Partner like Flowbird

Most business will get the most benefit from the platform by working with an Odoo UK partner, such as Flowbird Ltd. So if you intend to install their tools, finding the right Odoo UK partner is essential. We implement Odoo solutions and liaise with our clients on how to use the system to its best ability.

We enjoy using and recommending Odoo for many reasons, one of the main being their unique approach to delivering business infrastructure. While their services can be compared to established providers like SalesForce, Odoo puts more emphasis on customer interactions, offering a flexible way to manage every contact between staff and customers.

How Flowbird can help you implement Odoo’s solutions

With our years of experience of software deployments, we can help you with the implementation of Odoo. You may well be overwhelmed with the thought of installing a platform and the project management involved.

Using our experience and expertise, we use various templates and the Odoo project planning tools to make the process smooth and successful. Our process involves assessment, planning, execution and optimisation.

At the assessment stage, we will research your current operations and suggest ways to improve them via Odoo’s tools. The planning stage takes an enterprise-wide approach, taking into consideration issues like resources, staffing, client needs and business structure, before making a recommendation about the best way to implement Odoo’s solutions.

Project Phases

Project phases describe the high level timeline of a systems implementation.  Implementation life-cycles can generally be split into 4 categories according to the activities carried out at each stage.  These are Project definition, Design, Delivery and Go live & support.

Each phase of a project contains set deliverables that should be completed before the subsequent phase can begin.  Some of the key deliverables for each phase are outlined below:

Project Work Packages

While project phases describe the life-cycle of the implementation, work packages focus on the types of activities carried out during the course of the project. Detailed below are descriptions of each work package in the implementation methodology:

Our Implementation Methodology

Implementation is not complete until we have carried out the optimisation stage. This involves using the Odoo dashboard to monitor the new systems in real time, allowing us to make any necessary refinements. 

A successfully implemented solution can have a great impact on your company’s profitability. Your customers will be happy and you’ll have a better chance of retaining customers for longer. A small reduction in customer attrition can have an amazing impact on profits.

The project doesn’t have to end when Odoo is implemented. We work with our clients on a long-term basis to ensure systems are reliable and producing effective results. Our customer retention strategies will help improve customer retention and ultimately improve profits.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Implementation Process

What are the typical implementation steps involved?2020-04-23T18:03:06+00:00

The starting point is to take your basic requirements in whatever form you have documented them and turn this into a proper requirement specification. This is handled at the scoping stage as outlined above. Based on this information we also provide a statement of work that details the project approach, if you need to “start simple”, how to phase the project and how the project will run.

How long will it take?2018-09-01T10:00:53+00:00

Generally, anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks elapsed time. Some systems have been implemented in less than 2 weeks – it will vary based on your situation.

It takes a few hours to implement the system out of the box, it will take a number of days to configure the modules, it takes more days to map in your work processes, and more to deal with the initial data upload and integration. As you can see, the time will be driven by what is finalised in the scoping

What do we need to provide as a client?2018-09-01T10:05:29+00:00

We expect to work with you on the scoping exercise for a few days to get the requirement specified and the statement of work (the final quote) completed.

We expect you to ensure that your people are available, empowered and committed to getting the project live, working within the roles and responsibilities identified in the statement of work.

We expect the correct technical environment to be in place, and an individual who really understands your data.

There should be a senior manager or board member who is the project sponsor with overall accountability for the project.

What training will we need?2018-09-01T10:04:58+00:00
  • You will need user training and system administration training.
  • We will determine how best to deliver this in the scoping exercise. Where there is a large user community it might be more practical to adopt a train-the-trainer approach.
  • User training is half a day to one full day depending on needs.
What should we be aware of?2018-09-01T10:05:58+00:00

There are many factors that influence the success of the project. Such factors include people, processes and technical infrastructure. Below are some of the more common factors which, if addressed effectively, will make for a successful implementation.


  • It is important to ensure internal sponsorship from the board and the right mix of users and technical staff on the project team to agree that the requirement specification is correct – before any configuration work starts.
  • There should be a project manager with the power and authority to make decisions and get things done.
  • The end users should be made fully aware that the system is to be implemented and the specific benefits that it brings to them.


  • Failing to scope the project effectively can be a real challenge. We place great importance on this stage, as it is the foundation of the entire project.
  • Out of the scoping exercise we produce two linked documents – the detailed Requirement Specification and the Statement of Work (which details precisely how the project will run, roles, responsibilities etc.). We also understand that requirements change even as the implementation progresses, and this is accommodated in the change control procedure we agree with you in advance.
  • The functional requirement priorities should be sorted out and we will consider phasing the project to ensure some quick wins and strong user buy-in. This may mean focusing initially on one area of the business.
  • We will avoid adding too much workflow or automation – the users may not be ready yet.
  • It should be decided what data your reports should contain, as this will drive what needs to be configured or integrated into the system.

Technical Infrastructure

  • We will consider data readiness – the state of the data that will need initially importing. We will need to know where this data resides and if it has been consolidated and cleaned ready for uploading into the system.
  • We should identify the integration points and decide exactly which systems need to be integrated into the solution and how that should integration should work.
  • User acceptance and system testing should be accounted for in the overall project plan.
  • Controlling the user acceptance training (UAT) stage is important as users can add to the scope and delay project go-live.
What do we get from the scoping exercise?2020-04-23T18:04:48+00:00

The scoping exercise involves one or two of our staff on your site for a few days to carry out detailed interviews or workshops with key members of staff – primarily the representatives from each department and technical staff. After this we write up the findings in two specific documents:

  1. Requirement Specification Document
  2. Statement of Work Document – providing accurate man-day costs
    • These two documents are inter-related and provide the basis for the entire project.
    • They ensure all parties enter the project with eyes wide open, fully aware of the requirements, the timescales for delivery and any constraints or risks.
    • They detail the requirements down to field level per module, the processes that are to be mapped in, the number of days needed to deliver the project, the costs, the roles and responsibilities for your and our team members, a basic project plan, any identified risks and constraints, the change control procedures and more.
How do you work with us?2019-04-08T23:15:58+00:00

We are flexible in how we work with you. This is often based on the level of resource, skills and time that your team can make available. It may be that certain of the project tasks can be handled by your team having been on our System Administration training course. This is all determined in the scoping exercise.

Most important is that we work as one team – combining your staff with ours to deliver the solution. Please refer to the Guideline Steps to Implementation later in this document – it summarises the key steps involved from start to finish.

How much will it cost?2019-04-08T23:00:32+00:00

This is driven by the number of days estimated in the scoping exercise which should be carried out as a first step. Any quote given before a scoping exercise is simply an estimate and may throw up additional unanticipated costs later.


Odoo has native integration with a number of other software platforms that enable you to build upon the platform. Click on the icon below to see more info.

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Odoo has many advantages and that’s why at Flowbird we find ourselves recommending the platform to clients over and over again. Odoo is making a worldwide impact and innovative companies are choosing the software to increase their efficiency and boost their competitiveness.



Odoo’s tools can be used across a diverse range of business sectors. For instance, the platform is ideal for eCommerce businesses, estate agents, IT consultancies or even designers and architects.

If you need to manage client relationships and deliver projects on time, you should be considering Odoo as a solution.

Having started life as a digital agency, Odoo know first-hand how to achieve business success online. Leading the way in developing business automation software, Odoo helps digital & creative agencies across the world save time and become more profitable.

Odoo’s software has numerous advantages for digital businesses. For one thing, Odoo allows companies to integrate client management, human resources, projects and billing in a central system, helping everyone stay on the same page.

Team schedules can be brought together and made accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Managers can keep track of all business operations, from emails to post-project support, making billing much more efficient. On the client management side, Odoo helps make every one of your clients feel valued, while the service portal provides a 24/7 contact point.

There are also huge benefits for project management, thanks to real-time budgeting and tasking tools, which should make day-to-day operations much more efficient. Recurring projects can be automated and admin minimised, while one-off projects get the resources they need.

Odoo’s software has been designed for IT and technology vendors with the desire to grow. The platform allows IT service providers to centralise their operations, allowing their teams to deliver exceptional, client-driven services. And they make communication more efficient than ever, with integrated schedules and project management features, as well as instant access to relevant information when staff require it.

Odoo can revolutionise the way IT companies work. Staff can log in anywhere they like, using tablets, mobile phones and desktops to register their work, while staff schedules can be automated, reducing the burden on human resources departments.

Project management can be enhanced via real-time reporting, which puts efficient resource allocation within reach, while any recurring tasks can be automated, from billing and time management to project budgeting.

Adopting Odoo also provides managers with in-depth information about operations. Everything that happens in a business can be tracked, from billing for work done to client emails. And clients can also benefit, with individual accounts and a 24/7 access portal. The end result is happier clients and more efficient operations.

Odoo delivers fully integrated service operations automation solutions for the business consulting sector. The system makes it easy for consulting companies to streamline their processes and manage their projects as efficiently as possible. By bringing everything together in one place, Odoo allows consultancy companies to integrate sales, projects, billing and staffing – ending the need to juggle multiple platforms.

The benefits of integration for consulting companies also include in-depth cost management. With Odoo‘s systems, you can minimise leakage, monitoring budgets in real-time. And you can track every business interaction, optimising your billable hours.

Odoo also provides complete visibility where clients are concerned, allowing users to know exactly what’s going on with every client and using smart automation to make them feel valued at all times.

Real-time monitoring extends to staff as well, giving managers the power to mobilise resources efficiently across every ongoing project. And Odoo also integrates staff teams with financial processes. It integrates effectively with popular accounting products, while making it possible to remove redundant administrative tasks – raising efficiency in the process.

Odoo provides the ideal automation solution for engineering companies, whether they specialise in infrastructure or building design. The cloud-based software makes it simple to manage client-focused services and streamline all business processes, making staff more productive and maximising revenue.

One of the key advantages of Odoo for engineering companies is integration. Client management, staffing, project management and billing can be brought together, allowing every team member to be in the loop. Real-time management makes project delivery much easier, giving staff total control of time and budgets.

At the same time, Odoo’s real-time tracking features allow engineering companies to minimise their costs and maximise their billing efficiency. And resources can be used where they are needed, reducing waste to an absolute minimum.

Odoo‘s client management features can also radically improve client-staff relationships by ensuring that every client feels valued and able to access support whenever they need it. Knowledge transfer systems ensure that core project requirements are met, while key communications with clients are available for staff at all times.

Odoo is a market leader in providing integrated cloud-based solutions for client-focused companies. Our software allows legal practices to save time, maximise revenue and keep staff aligned with project goals at all times via integrated client accounts and streamlined communications systems.

With Odoo‘s automated management platform, it’s easy to track how employees use their time, with the ability to bring together emails, calls and other client interactions.

Practices can maximise their billable hours via automated spreadsheets and invoices, while Odoo is fully integrated into the accounting app. Moreover, legal firms can be flexible about their billing, with the potential to use hourly, transactional or user-defined billing solutions.

Automated client management systems ensure that each client is cared for, while a 24/7 support service keeps them informed and in touch. And any documents relating to cases can be kept in one place. From email attachments to client files, staff can instantly find the information they need to serve any client.

Improve your client relationships and take advantage of business automation with Odoo, the market leader in supplying cloud-based software for client-focused businesses. The system makes it easy to unify your operations, integrating staffing, client management, projects and billing. And with Odooo in place, teams can have real-time access to any information they require.

This has huge benefits for the way staff work. Workflows can be precisely controlled, with managers handling issues as soon as they arise. Budgets can be managed in real-time and staff can maximise their billable time. With Odooo, no minute goes unaccounted.

Automation also provides a huge boost for project managers, who are empowered to assign and assist staff efficiently, while invoicing becomes a breeze thanks to the integration of time tracking and billing. Just as importantly, Odoo can make clients happier, with a 24/7 client portal and automated client management systems which ensure that no-one feels left out.

Odoo‘s cloud-based solutions allow architecture and property management firms to integrate all of their processes. From design to delivery, Odoo centralises management tools to let companies track projects, staff activity and client relationships like never before.

By bringing together client management, projects and billing, the tools allow firms to simplify everything they do. The 100% cloud-based platform makes it easier for architects to work more efficiently, wherever they need to log on. And managers can track projects from inception to completion, monitoring budgets and progress at a glance.

Billing and budgeting are also catered for on the Odoo platform. Invoice entire projects, set milestones or budget simple tasks. Everything can be tracked and billed with a single button click.

There are also huge advantages for clients. By automating basic client interactions, Odoo ensures that clients know you are thinking about them, while the 24/7 support portal keeps them in the know at all times. It all adds up to a smart way to run an architecture or property management firm.

Stay on top of everything your PR agency does by making Odoo the basis for your operations. A market leader in cloud-based solutions for client-focused businesses, Odoo makes automation work for PR firms, from client delivery processes to staff activity and invoicing systems.

With Odoo in place, staff can stay on the same page at all times. You can bring client accounts, staff schedules, projects and billing together to streamline all operations. And you can easily create tailored packages for clients which meet tight schedules and budgets.

Staff management features include automated timesheets and in-depth logging of emails and calls – which can make billing more efficient than ever. And resources can be mobilised efficiently thanks to real-time schedule monitoring and planning systems.

Clients can be taken care of properly via automated management processes and a 24/7 contact portal. Automated retainers turn complex projects into simple tasks, while invoicing can be scheduled for the end of every period so that nothing is left to chance.

If you want more efficient staff, reliable project delivery, streamlined operations and happier clients, Odoo is the answer.

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