Managing your sales team is difficult but a smart CRM should help you along the way.

A smart CRM has the power to tell you what your hazy memory can not. It should provide you with key reports that show how many leads were generated through lead tracking, how many contacts were entered and how many deals were made.

But what metrics matter to your team and position? A CRM will provide you with loads of data but it’s your decision on what data is important to your sales team.

This free e-book, ‘5 Reports Every Sales Director Should Master’ will introduce you to the reports every you should use to gain full insight into your processes.

Our free 15-page ebook will provide reports to:

  • Understand where your sales team and individuals stand
  • Determine if your efforts are translating into real sales
  • Recognise which reports keep cash flow moving

Grab your free copy of 5 Reports Every Sales Director Should Master’ today and start reporting on metrics that improve your bottom line!