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Sales Intelligence 101- 5 Insights Every Sales Executive Should Have

Learn the must-have insights that will take your sales team to the next level

30% of marketing and sales executives blame disparate data sources as the main reason they can’t glean meaningful insights from customer data. As sales leaders, we need to understand how to get and analyse data to make good decisions for our businesses. Otherwise, we’re operating in the dark.

To help make reps 10x more productive and executives 10x smarter, we designed our CRM with meaningful out-of-the-box reports that drive feasible insights. In this e-book, we’ll explore 5 key insights that every VP of Sales should have.
In this 20-page e-book we’ll explore:

  • Performance Insights “How much are we selling?”
  • Process Insights “What is our ideal sales process?”
  • Productivity Insights “Are we working smart?”
  • Customer Insights “Who is buying?”
  • Marketing Insights “Is marketing giving us the leads we need?”

We’ll show you how easy it is to get the insights you need with the beautifully designed, useful reports in CRM. We’ll take it a step further by showing you what key decisions you can make based on the data. Let’s get started – download your free copy now.

Automate Your Business

Download this free eBook and learn:
Discover the six areas marketing automation can help you:
  1. Gain (and retain leads)
  2. Organise your sales process
  3. Optimise your sales process with e-commerce
  4. Provide great customer service
  5. Promote events
  6. Complete routine office tasks
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